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Fike High Coach Facing Sex Offense Charge

Posted January 29, 2008

— A former Fike High School physical education teacher and wrestling coach faces a felony charge of sexual offense and a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the Wilson County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

David Brandon Earp, 33, of Sims, was charged Friday, authorities said. He resigned from the Wilson County Schools on Saturday, the school system said.

The system had hired Earp in August, according to Robert Kendall, the system's public relations director.

The case began after a parent told Fike Principal Steve Ellis of a text message found on a student's cell phone that suggested inappropriate behavior, officials said. Ellis contacted schools Superintendent Larry E. Price.

Price contacted the sheriff's office, but deputies reported Jan. 14 that they had not found any illegal activity, officials said. The same day, however, school officials suspended Earp after conducting a personnel investigation and  finding incidents of unprofessional behavior, Kendall said.

Earp was reinstated Jan. 23 after a meeting with administrators, who established directives for his continued employment, Kendall said.

Deputies then arrested Earp, however, and he resigned. The sheriff's office would not discuss what changed its initial findings and led to Earp's arrest. Court records indicated the sexual offense charge involved a female.

Kendall said the schools are recommending the state revoke Earp's teaching license.

Earp has been head wrestling coach. He worked on the football staff at Chowan University for two years before coming to Fike, Kendall said.

He posted a $5,000 bond and was released after his arrest.


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  • Concerned Jan 30, 2008

    Back in 1889, women did not have a voice! Teenaged girls either were forced to marry at a young age because their parents did not care about what happened to them or could not care for them. They were abused, raped and molested and just about everyone back then "thought" it was okay as long as it doesn't affect me. Today, that type of behavior is no longer tolerated and it should have never been tolerated. You would think that today's society would have learned something by now.

  • yamoms Jan 30, 2008

    Whats the point of bringing up the old laws? It's illegal now to mess with a child so stop trying to justify molestation. In N.C. it also use to be legal to beat your wife as long as the stick you used wasn't thicker than your thumb.

  • GoldsboroWolf 98 Jan 30, 2008

    My grandmother was married at 14 because her family was too poor to take care of her-and is widowed to the same man she was married to her whole life. I would'nt even be here with today's laws. Hmmm.

  • sssteph42 Jan 30, 2008

    "For example, in North Carolina in 1889, the Age of Consent was 10!!!

    Yea right!!"

    Yes. This is right.

  • just my2cents Jan 30, 2008

    He did not need a 15 year old, he WAS married. And no matter that girls dress as they do these days, as an adult, you have to make the right decision. As a Fike parent, I know that we have good teachers, but there will always be a bad apple in every bunch. It does seem to be running rampant throughout schools everywhere. Adults, don't put yourselves in a bad situation, even if there are no bad intentions, never find yourself alone with a student! (male or female)
    As for the girl, no matter if she wanted it of not, she's only 15. And now her life is forever changed.

  • dukebbfan Jan 29, 2008

    Iquana I agree with the last line of your statemet.

  • Joe Blow Jan 29, 2008

    Pike Mom sadly that is so true.

  • Iquana Jan 29, 2008

    If he were female he would get an interview on 20/20 or GMA and probably a book deal. Personally I say flog both gendered predators equally.

  • dukebbfan Jan 29, 2008

    No 10 year old child in 1889 or in 2008 have the understanding or ability to completely understand what giving there consent would be. He is an adult and as such should act like one and have enough restraint to not go after a 15 year old I dont care how she dressed. If he cant get someone of legal age then he has other options but not young impressable girls.

  • doodad Jan 29, 2008

    Either he was entirely stupid or deviant.

    Why take the chance of ruining your life and being humiliated. Find someone your own age to mess with.