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Murder Case Dropped Against Known Gang Member

Posted January 28, 2008

— A Superior Court judge on Monday dropped a murder charge against a known gang member.

Eric Raymond Chambers, who police said was a Bloods gang member, was charged with murder in the Nov. 10, 2006, shooting death of Shamonte Miguel Pair.

Wake County prosecutors had filed for a motion to continue the case, because witnesses were uncooperative. But the motion was denied, and the case went to trial.

Judge Carl Fox dismissed it Monday after prosecutors were unable to call witnesses to testify at trial. But charges could be reinstated if the witnesses or other evidence become available.

Pair's body was found on the front porch of a house on Joe Louis Avenue. Police said he had been involved in a shootout several hours earlier on Malta Ave. and fled the area on foot after crashing a car into a tree.


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  • NCAries Jan 29, 2008

    One other thing to think about is who defines what a gang is. Anytime someone sees two or more black males standing together they label them a gang. Not that they are doing anything wrong, just that they are together and it's more than one of them. How do you address that? From the tone of your posts here I can just about guess the response. Some of you need to go back to your rallies and keep you comments between yourselve's and your grand wizards.

  • MrQuestions Jan 29, 2008

    Seems to be par for the course for the Honorable Carl Fox. Right in tune with his work as Orange County DA.

  • mcchels Jan 28, 2008

    Im very good friends with the mother and sister of the victiim, This is breaking their hearts to not see justice served! One of the witnesses came to court with the accused today! They basically dismissed it because if he was found not guilty(from the witnesses not testifying or lack of evidense) then they could not charge him again! But now they can still persue it if the witnesses cooperate in the future or they get more evidence!
    Its been a rough year for Shamonte's family! Not only did his mother lose her only son,His sister lose her only brother but his poor lil boy lost his daddy!! So I just pray they (courts or others) give him his one day!(the accused!)

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jan 28, 2008

    WEll....Thinkb4uspeak, they didn't say "Church Member" was released! They said "Gang Member". Last time I heard, they don't really have GOOD GANGS!MAybe THAT's why everyone jumped to the conclusion they came to, and it was PROBABLY a correct solution!

  • Coach K is GREAT Jan 28, 2008

    Wow! All the media has to do is drop a few key words and watch the public rush to judgement. It is so interesting to see how it actually happens. Everyone on this post has already assumed that the "known gang member" is guilty of the murder. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps he was released because they had no evidence to substantiate the charges, maybe because he isn't the guilty party. You all have convicted him of murder because of his confessed affiliation. From the comments posted, you would think that they had released some evidence you know?
    GOLO member since January 9, 2008
    January 28, 2008 4:43 p.m.

    Kind of like the Duke boys were RUSHED TO JUDGMENT????

  • roe Jan 28, 2008

    My hat goes off to you THINKb4uspeak!!!This is always the case with these blog lawyers and prosecutors that read and comment about something they have no clue about!!! If the shoe was on their foot how many of these bloggers would risk their lives to tell on one gang member. You wouldn't even see them 50 ft near the police station telling anything.

  • Coach K is GREAT Jan 28, 2008

    Blah blah blah... A man is dead, people see it but don't say anything, fear of retaliation? You bet. This is WHY the gangs are allowed to flourish. Until people step up and say NO MORE it will continue. I wonder what the judge's decision would have been had his son or daughter been the victim? Until we put away the riff raff of our society nothing is going to change and it will only get worse. Look at South Compton CA do we want that here in NC? Do we want schools like what they had in Bronx NYC? That's the course we're on folks and until we all say enough and vote these judges out of office, it's not going to get better.
    Tired Of Excuses
    GOLO member since July 7, 2007
    January 28, 2008 1:59 p.m.
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    It's too late, it's already here...

  • Notinitforthemoney Jan 28, 2008

    The stop snitching program at its finest. This is why these people keep comitting crime after crime. They know that no one is going to tell on them.

  • Coach K is GREAT Jan 28, 2008

    No snitching huh? Keep on doing it, it will only lead to more deaths of your neighbors or loved ones. Great job. - casp3r

    I am against the no stitching stuff, but would you testify against a gang member if the lives of your family were threatened?
    January 28, 2008 1:50 p.m.
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    OK... don't get involved with gangs then... IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jan 28, 2008

    WOW....we have a screwed up system!