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Morrisville Commissioners Approve Zoning Change for Development

Posted January 27, 2008
Updated January 29, 2008

— The town Board of Commissioners voted 5-2 Monday evening in favor of a zoning change needed for a retail-and-residential development that has raised objections in the town and in neighboring Cary.

Casto Lifestyle Properties, based in Columbus, Ohio, and 1st Carolina Properties, a retail developer from Cary, are the proponents of the plan to tear down a now-vacant Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical plant and replace it with Park West Village.

Their plans call for shops, offices, 350 apartments, a hotel and a 3,000-seat movie theater on the 95-acre site at the corner of N.C. Highway 54 and Cary Parkway.

Opinions about the development have been mixed.

“I think this offers more of an evening out kind of place, where you go to a nice restaurant, you have a nice theater, you have upscale stores,” supporter Michael Roberts said.

Park West Village could generate $800,000 in annual tax revenue for Morrisville. Because the proposed development is close to Cary, however, many residents there  have been against it.

The development is a mile and a half away from the northeast corner of the High House and Davis Drive intersection. Shops, restaurants, office space and more than 300 multifamily units are planned for the area.

Cary resident Lindsey Chester said she is opposed to the High House and Davis Drive project, as well as the Park West Village development.

Chester has worried “that it was going to be bringing so many people from outside the area to that corner, and that corner currently has horrific traffic that I'm in every morning and every evening.”

Traffic studies showed the Park West Village development would generate more than 20,000 car trips a day. Part of residents' concern is that the area's population has tripled over the past seven years, and traffic is congested already.

Opponents in Morrisville and Cary have signed an online petition against Park West Village. Supporters have circulated a petition, too.

Morrisville's Planning and Zoning Board voted 3-2 not to recommend the commissioners approve Park West.


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  • likemenow Jan 29, 2008

    I wonder how opposed Cary would be if it benefited their town?...they aren't realy protesting..I'm sure Cary will annex it as soon as the area is finally developed

  • SheriffTruman Jan 29, 2008


    From Jordan lake, which has something like 380 days worth of water left at last check. This is due to the fact that Cary, Apex and Morrisville have conserved all along, in addition to procuring water resources in advance of them actually being at full capacity, unlike Raleigh.

  • PaulRevere Jan 29, 2008

    All the relocated Yankees in Cary could always...

  • YipesStripes Jan 29, 2008


  • IzzMad2016 Jan 29, 2008

    I'm all for progress and reasonable development but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE widen the road FIRST instead of last. Every single workday traffic literally inches its way along on 54 between Weston Parkway and Cary Parkway because it's only 1 lane until the left turn lane begins.

  • SheriffTruman Jan 29, 2008

    As far as road projects, the DOT should have widened 54 years ago and there are no plans for it in the near future now. If anything, there should be a revolt at the DOT as they love to build roads to politician's favorite beaches while ignoring us in the Triangle and Charlotte.

  • SheriffTruman Jan 29, 2008

    Nice to see some realism prevail. The arguments against this were, for the most part based on unfounded fears that have been addressed by the developer and hte Town staff and council in teh requirements they placed on the rezoning. Why should we continue to build plain old shopping centers when areas like this are much better looking and can keep cars off the road. Who can say North Hills is not a quality development?

    Morrisville needs more quality retail and yes, some might argue that Target is not "quality", but it is much nicer than any Wal Mart and the rest of the center should be a good mix of higher end shops. To compare against North Hills, there is a Target there and it has not caused the downfall of that area. When all is said and done, let's compare this development with the Wal Mart center a few miles down the road. If anything was to be blocked, it should have been that.

  • 1Rx4FN Jan 29, 2008

    I too live near that area. I figured that this was going to happen sooner than later to this property. They are already tearing down that old BMS factory as we speak. There are some great mountain biking trails on that property that will be missed.

    As long as there are 3 pharmacies, 4 Starbucks, no Wal-Mart, lots of beigh and traffic near this intersection then what's the problem? ;)

  • tarheelalum Jan 29, 2008

    Well...others have referenced Mayberry in their posts and I just want to say that I honestly grew up in the true Mayberry(it's in the city of Mount Airy for those that don't know) and still have family there. Although substantially more developed than when I was younger, the area is still in desperate need, both economically and socially. Most anyone I know there would LOVE to have such a development there. New housing, jobs, restaurants, retail stores, and of course, economic growth. There people who complain that they don't want b/c they have to drive in the already congested area are selfish and completely disregarding the potential benefits for their community.

  • Morrisville Jan 29, 2008

    I bet you any money those that didn't want this zoning to go into effect, will be right there eating, shopping and enjoying the area once it is all complete.