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Teen Run Over by Train Says Angel Saved Him

Posted January 24, 2008
Updated January 25, 2008

— Joshua Kosch says he is feeling well these days – two months after a freight train ran him over in downtown Fayetteville and doctors amputated his right leg.

Kosch said he saw an angel who helped him survive the accident on Friday, Nov. 23, 2007. The 19-year-old had gotten dressed up and was walking to A Dickens Holiday, an annual downtown festival.

"I basically dressed up in the attire appropriate for the Dickens Festival, a Victorian-times style," Kosch said.

Kosch stood on one set of railroad tracks near Hay Street, while waiting for a southbound train to pass him on the adjoining tracks, his parents said. Kosch did not hear the northbound train approaching him, they said.

Due to pending litigation, family members could not talk more about the accident.

Although the train had slowed to about 20 mph and despite his best efforts, the conductor could not stop the 93-car train in time to avoid hitting Kosch, a CSX spokesperson said.

Kosch said he remembers seeing an angel during the accident.

"He (the angel) told me it wasn't my time," Kosch said. "And I couldn't get up. And that's because he held me down."

Kosch spent several weeks in intensive care at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, recovering from rib fractures, broken vertebrae, a broken arm and punctured lung. His right leg was amputated above his knee.

His mother, Barbara, said seeing her son survive has been a miracle.

"It makes me stronger in my faith, knowing that God was there, right there, when it happened," Barbara Kosch said. "He had people by his side after the accident happened to hold his hand."

Six weeks later, Joshua Kosch was still in the hospital, but undergoing physical therapy and preparing to get a prosthetic leg. His mother and baby sister Harley visit every day, and he has a DVD player in his room, Kosch said.

"(I'm) just feeling real well," he said. "I mean, (I'm) tired every so often, leg hurts just a bit."

Kosch expects to get out of the hospital in a month – just in time for his mother's February wedding.

"If he wants, he'll walk me down the aisle," Barbara Kosch said.


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  • Lissa13082 Jan 29, 2008

    "Its a bit of a moot point though as he doesn't actually exist........." And that's where you are wrong because He very much exists.

  • haggis basher Jan 28, 2008

    "you can't fix stupid"

    Perhaps, but you believe in Sky Fairies..........

  • haggis basher Jan 28, 2008

    "Why don't you people stop blaming God for what HUMAN BEINGS do??"

    Why don't people stop thanking "God" for what probability or human beings do. Basically it comes down to this. IF God is ALL knowing and ALL powerful, everything that happens is with his knowledge and implied consent. He knows what is happening and CHOOSES to do nothing. That make him a monster and unworthy of any respect from us. Its a bit of a moot point though as he doesn't actually exist.........

  • Lissa13082 Jan 28, 2008

    ptahandatum - You're right about one thing "you can't fix stupid", you can't be fixed, it's a shame. God has nothing to do with money or politics, those are man made items.

  • Amused Jan 25, 2008

    Why don't you people stop blaming God for what HUMAN BEINGS do??

  • justjean Jan 25, 2008

    HA! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Angels, seriously? You know the human body can do funny things to the mind when it's in shock, especially after being HIT by a TRAIN!!

  • VT1994Hokie Jan 25, 2008

    Why in this world would anyone be standing on a railroad track? Wait until the train has passed. Look both ways. Remember this one. Or, should I say always look!!! Does anyone remember the Driver Education movies that we used to watch?

    He has no grounds for litigation. This is perhaps the most unsual story that I have heard about lately. Go figure.

  • seeingthru Jan 25, 2008


  • enigma1469 Jan 25, 2008

    Or maybe the devil pushed him in front of the train?

  • ice cream Jan 25, 2008

    ptahandatum and haggis --

    May Zeus bless you richly as well!!!! Zeus has already blessed me. :) glad to see other followers...