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Health Care Provider Files Suit Against N.C. Counties

Posted January 23, 2008

A private mental-health company on Wednesday filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against several North Carolina counties, including Durham and Wake, contending they are trying to run it out of business.

Raleigh-based Dominion Health Care Services, a contracted heath-care provider that services a number of counties, contends the mental-health facilities in the counties named in the suit are trying to run it out of business.

In the last year, the company has been investigated for various problems, including questionable Medicaid billing. But a judge ruled Dominion was not given time to correct the problems.

"This is serious business," said Dominon's attorney, Willie Gary. "These defendants are more concerned about cutting costs than delivering a service."

If Dominion closes, approximately 1,000 employees could lose their jobs.

The counties named in the suit can opt to have the North Carolina Attorney General's Office defend them. A spokeswoman for the attorney general said the office is reviewing the suit to see what, if any role, it will take in the case.

Gary and Dominion workers said Wednesday they will fight vigorously, believing the community's well-being depends on it.

Attorneys for Durham and Wake counties would not comment because they have not seen the lawsuit.


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  • sceeter Jan 23, 2008

    by accepting payment from medicaid - they are accepting state monies for services. this doesn't necessarily make them "private".

    caring family network who has a office in durham, wake, and i think orange too has had to let folks go cause of the low payment from medicaid and the state

    this dominion company isn't the only mental health office to lose money and good people

  • whatusay Jan 23, 2008

    So this company has a service that no one wants to use and they think they can sue. I assume this is a private company and they depend on mentally ill people to provide a service to. I also assume the state does periodic audits to be sure they are being paid for the services they provide. If they do not have any business it must be because families do not like them. Close the doors and go to work for a profitable company. To sue for your own incompetence is rediculous.

  • whatusay Jan 23, 2008

    Is this a joke?...If they can not provide a service that is used and paid for by the private sector they do not need to be in business. Why are they sueing the counties?

  • trunkmonkee1971 Jan 23, 2008

    I hope the counties involved will defend themselves vigorously.

  • whatelseisnew Jan 23, 2008

    This is just one more reason why Government should not be involved in these kinds of areas.