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Investigators Collect Evidence From Cary Woman's Apt.

Posted January 23, 2008
Updated January 24, 2008

— Crime scene investigators gathered evidence Wednesday from the apartment complex where a woman whose body was found last week used to live, Cary police said.

Yellow tape cordoned off the parking lot and the apartment building where Vanlata Patel used to live with her estranged husband, Harish Patel, at The Marquis at Silverton.

Nearly a dozen Cary police and City-County Bureau of Identification agents were seen searching a red car that Capt. David Wulff confirmed belongs to Harish Patel.

They also searched a white car that the couple owned jointly.

Wulff said they have not named any suspects or persons of interest in Patel's death, but they have not excluded anyone, either.

It was not clear whether Vanlata Patel still lived at the apartments or had moved elsewhere before she disappeared, and police would not comment on that. He family declined to talk to reporters Wednesday.

Firefighters in Mecklenburg County, Va., discovered Patel's body a week ago while fighting a brush fire along Interstate 85.

DNA evidence confirmed Tuesday that the body was Patel's. She was reported missing Friday after she did not arrive for a visit with her son in Canada.

According to Mecklenburg County authorities, Patel's body was found wrapped in a comforter 20 feet from the highway.

Electronic signs along I-85 alerted motorists on Wednesday that a body had been found and listed a number for motorists with to call with information.

Cary police investigators ask that anyone with information about Patel's death call 919-469-4012.


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  • haggis basher Jan 24, 2008

    "God only knows how she may have suffered at this man's hands while married. I say this because only a subhuman would do this to another person."
    Excuse me, but he has not been charged with anything , let alone convicted! Maybe he did maybe he didn't, The SBI and the Cops will work it out. As for "God only knowing", are you saying he knew what was going on but did nothing about it? Your God is a monster, luckily for us all he is also a myth.

  • redant Jan 24, 2008

    Another senseless murder in Cary.........

  • garnertoy Jan 24, 2008

    whats in the dark will come to the light

  • random musings Jan 24, 2008

    ex did it. case closed. next...

  • OSX Jan 23, 2008

    Wow, I wonder how this one is going to turn out.

  • Adelinthe Jan 23, 2008

    Poor woman. God only knows how she may have suffered at this man's hands while married. I say this because only a subhuman would do this to another person.

    Praying for her children.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • 37 Jan 23, 2008

    She is not missing. Why does the article say that?

  • cocker_mom Jan 23, 2008

    "hmmm... we're going through a divorce. I'll kill her so I don't lose any of my money. I am so smart the police will NEVER suspect me. They never suspect the estranged husband." Amazing.

  • Conservative Jan 23, 2008

    Body wrapped in a comforter - well that reeks of a well planned insider job - most likely the husband. Impound his passport so that he cannot leave the country.

  • Aquamarine Jan 23, 2008

    Most likely, another husband gone nuts. When will they ever learn, this is not something they will get away with? Must love the idea of living in prison!!!