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Soldier Charged With Abusing Infant Son

Posted January 18, 2008

— A Fort Bragg soldier has been arrested in connection with serious injuries that his 8-month-old son suffered, police said.

Spc. Darris Lebron White, 26, of 913 Bridgette St. in Fayetteville, was charged with felony child abuse and was being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center on a $20,000 secured bond.

The infant was in three hospitals for a total of four weeks, and police said the child suffered brain injuries and a broken leg.

The child and his 2-year-old brother have been placed in foster care, authorities said. A custody hearing has been scheduled for next Thursday to determine whether the children shoudl return to their parents' care.

Police said White, a mechanic with the 21st Military Police Company at Fort Bragg, was the only person in his west Fayetteville apartment with the child on Dec. 11, which is when authorities said they believe the injuries occurred.

Investigators said they had to wait for doctors to provide information on the child's condition before filing a child abuse charge against White.

Investigators wouldn't say how the infant was injured, but said White's version of the incident didn't match the injuries.

White's wife, who declined to provide her name, told WRAL that she believes her husband would never hurt either of the children. The baby was hurt after falling off the couch, she said.

White, who hasn't been deployed in more than a year, has faced no previous criminal charges, according to a check of court and military records.

Authorities are trying to portray White as another soldier who couldn't handle the stress of duty and snapped at home, his wife said.


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  • tarheelalum Jan 18, 2008

    well said...thinkbeforeyouspeak. As a passionate liberal, I am often the one making such an argument. I feel differently about this situation however...quite possibly b/c it involves child abuse, which is so disgusting it certainly may skew ones' perception. Based the lengthy amount of time this particular incident was investigated before any arrests were made is comforting however. Also, the seriousness of the injuries, as described in this article, are especially disturbing and whoever is responsible likely poses a serious threat to society that cannot be viewed passively. I say the bond for such a heinous crime should be substantially higher if enough evidence is available to charge him in the first place.

  • Closed II Jan 18, 2008

    Thinkb4uspeak, this is said with 100% sincerity!

    Well said, and quite thought-provoking! Thank you!!

  • Meandmytwo Jan 18, 2008

    Why is his bond only $20,000? There should not be one because this is his blood child,he is in the military and there are stiff conduct codes. Shame on him. I hope he pays dearly.

  • Thinkb4uspeak Jan 18, 2008

    Where is the due process folks? The injuries may have been misinterpreted by authorities; it wouldn't be the first time. The claims of abuse have not been substantiated yet, only alleged. There are many "accidental" ways for a child to get hurt. It may have just been negligence, which would still be unfortunate, but why the rush to judgment? I am reading words like "the infant was a punching bag" and "post traumatic stress disorder" and "beating" They aren't even sure when the alleged abuse took place. If he is guilty of child abuse, punish him, but don't convict him based off of this story.

    The reason I am so passionate is because my father was detained and questioned when I was younger for "apparent signs of abusing" inflicted upon me. I had dislocated my arm while we were playing innocently. The experience was difficult for my family and personally insulting to my father. The professionals were certain my arm couldn't have twisted that way playing. Obviously it could.

  • Closed II Jan 18, 2008

    I don't know about PTSD, but there does seem to be a lot of military people in the news for violence against loved ones.

    I suppose it's hard to reorient one's self from a world of "kill or be killed" back to a normal existence where killing is called murder, and abuse is unacceptable.

    I agree that someone is dropping the ball when our people come back home. There should be continuing psychological evaluations for an undetermined period of time upon return from the war zone.

  • Mr. Keeping It Real Jan 18, 2008

    I am at a loss for words after reading articles like this. Innocent children should not be punching bags for anger infested individuals. God speed to the infant, family and friends affected by this terrible crime. And Dad - forever is a long time to have to think about something you did wrong.

  • SO LOW Jan 18, 2008

    Why is his bond only $20,000.00?

  • tmedlin Jan 18, 2008

    Don't assume that every crime committed by a soldier is the result of PTSD. It has become the excuse for every single criminal act by those in, or formerly in the military. Does it exist - of course - is it ALWAYS to blame, of course not...

  • meta4csw Jan 18, 2008

    There is no excusing it, but somebody better get in there and explain it so we don't see any more of an epidemic than we already have. If there are factors that might also be affecting others, our response needs to be about more than just punishment for this one father. We need to do this every time so we can learn something useful.

  • illegals--GO HOME Jan 18, 2008

    My prayers for a complete recovery for this child.....a total innocent who in no way could defend himself. Hopefully, the truth will bear out in court and the guilty totally punished.