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Beloved Wake Co. Narcotics K-9 Dies

Posted January 14, 2008

— Thor, a hard-working narcotics canine, died after for more than a decade of sniffing out drugs and entertaining school children, the Wake County Sheriff's Office announced Monday.

The 13-year-old Belgian Malinois died from age and health complications, officials said.

Thor had been with the Sheriff's Office since he was 15 months old and, at one time, was the only canine the force had.

"Thor loved to come work," Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "We will miss his drive and his energy. He worked just as hard on the last day he lived as the first day he came to work for us."

Thor was best known for sniffing out more than 70 pounds of cocaine that had been hidden in the tires of a tour bus. That seizure in July 2007 was the largest drug bust since Harrison took office in 2002.

After performing various duties with the K-9 team, Thor's last assignment was as a narcotics dog. He and his handler, Deputy Roy Wilbourne, worked with the Impact Team, a drug interdiction unit.

Thor and Wilbourne were popular with schools and community groups. They performed K-9 demonstrations for countless school children, summer camps, retirement centers and charity fund raisers.

The Sheriff's Office had scheduled Thor's retirement for last August. However, finding a replacement for him proved more difficult than expected, and Thor worked until the day he died.


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  • claudnc Jan 15, 2008

    Dag - that's messed up wanting me to get bit by a dog - thats why I dont like animals now - got bit by one when i was younger.

  • hokiefan127603 Jan 15, 2008

    My prayers go out to "Red Dog's" handler and family. He truly will be missed and there will never be another one like red dog!!! gobble1

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Jan 15, 2008

    These K9s are not JUST dogs, they are service animals with a whole lot of training. They can out sniff any human alive. They are a great assest to all police departments and there is no handler out there they would trade their K9 for a human partner!

  • Timbo Jan 15, 2008

    Chill out Fox, it's just a dawg.

  • The Fox Jan 15, 2008

    clover: "claudnc...i hope you get bit by a rabid bat" LOLOLOL!

    And timbo troll too!

  • ncsulilwolf Jan 15, 2008

    "All dogs go to Heaven." RIP Thor.

    And I rarely even comment back to other users, but claudnc is in need of some simple education:

    "Okay sue me because I care more about humans - I work everyday with preg/mom teenagers, folks with mental illness, students on high school level. Past populations homeless, SA abusers, Hiv/Aids & a very compassionate person most of my clients appreciate me." - If you work every day with people like this how have you been blind to the assistance (and even healing properties) associated with service and treatment assistance animals? Guardian angels indeed.

    "Thor could have been corrupt." - Sounds like someone needs to review what separates man from animal... logical and ethics. Dogs don't know wrong from right, they are conditioned to responses to their actions. That's why no bad dog ever started out that way. Thor's handler and officer have probably 10 times the commitment to service as you, with class to boot.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Jan 15, 2008

    So sorry to read this. I'm sure he was a wonderful dog / partner. We went through the same thing and it was like losing a member of our family.

  • celong Jan 15, 2008


  • clover1019 Jan 15, 2008

    RIP thor, my thoughts are with the family as they recover from their loss. It is truly sad to say good bye to such a positive impact on our society as well as a wonderful friend. Im sure you will be greatly missed.

    claudnc...i hope you get bit by a rabid bat.

  • bronzegoddess40 Jan 15, 2008

    Rest In Peace Thor and thank you so much for all your hard work to keep drugs off the street.