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Police: Slain Toddler's Parents to be Charged

Posted January 14, 2008

— Charges were pending Monday against the parents of a toddler killed by a stray bullet as Rocky Mount police searched for vehicles and people believed to be connected to two double shootings over the weekend.

Shots were fired into a house at 2805 Pelham Road shortly before 8:30 p.m. Saturday, police said. One stray bullet hit and killed 27-month-old Jamir Whitaker.

Jamir's father, Airic Whitaker, 31, was shot twice, police said. He was listed in stable condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital on Monday afternoon.

Witnesses told police they saw a person running to a vehicle after the shooting. The vehicle left the scene traveling in the direction of Winstead Road.

Police described the vehicle as a dark green or blue, four-door, late-model Ford Taurus. The car might have tinted windows.

Investigators believe robbery was the motive in this shooting. Inside the house, they found 17 pounds of marijuana, approximately $3,500 in cash and other drug paraphernalia.

Charges for reckless endangerment of a child were pending against Airic Whitaker and the toddler's mother, police said. The couple was expected to face drug charges, police said.

A neighbor, who wanted to be identified only as Chris, said he was stunned to learn of the drugs in the house.

"I had no clue. But if that's the case, that's not what we want around here in our neighborhood," he said.

The Whitakers had lived in the neighborhood for less than a year, Chris said, adding that he got the feeling they were looking for a fresh start.

"I can't imagine what that his momma is going through, having to lose her son. She told neighbors that she was happy she had moved over here (because) her kid could go out and play in the yard and not have to worry," he said.

The second shooting happened when two men were leaving a birthday party at a house in the 400 block of Lexington Street early Sunday.

Tywon Tucker remained in critical condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital on Monday, while Dante Whitaker was in stable condition at Nash General Hospital.

Police said they believe the shooting was gang-related and might be linked to the Whitaker shooting. Officers were searching for two people of interest in the second case but didn't release their names.

Detectives were also looking for a dark green or black Buick Roadmaster with tinted windows.

Anyone with information regarding either shooting was asked to Capt. Marty McCoy of the Rocky Mount Police Department at 252-972-1485 or Twin County CrimeStoppers at 252-977-1111.


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  • NCbred77 Jan 15, 2008

    Rocky Mount starting off on a bad note once again. Imagine that. Maybe the National Guard should be patroling our streets instead of other countries if the police force is undermanned.

  • yaright Jan 15, 2008

    This is a tragic but they bring it on themselves and expect the world to feel sorry for them.....I feel the pain for the child that is lost......They were dealing drugs to the youth of this nation, I don't feel any sorrow for the parents.

  • Run_Forrest_Run Jan 15, 2008

    cbfx3 said: "That said most decent people that live in and around Rocky Mount are really ashamed of it.. What is the answer? Dont say more jobs because these people that do stuff like this wont work anyway"

    ****You're right. People can't get jobs because they are too good to go to school and attempt to get an education. The Gov't will throw money hand over fist at them in welfare dollars to do nothing more than sire children. Sick of it. It always comes back to the fact it is the fault of the good hard working people though for trying to keep themselves out of the 'hood'. Just goes to show - you can take the people out of the hood but can't take the hood out of the people.

  • Run_Forrest_Run Jan 15, 2008

    Instead of needing more policemen (to take the reports when something happens), maybe we need more morality in our citizens.

  • clemsonalltheway Jan 15, 2008

    Where is the NAACP when an injustice of this magnitude happens?!?!? That child had his life snatched away from him and all because someone with a gun had no regard for a human life. It just makes me sick. Our children are our heritage. Why on earth would a parent allow this to happen?

  • Mom of two Jan 15, 2008

    They put that poor child in danger. No bail!!!!

  • yukonjohn3 Jan 15, 2008

    LadyBlue, this is EXACTLY what we were debating about. If this were sold at the liquor store, this would have NEVER happened.

  • North Carolina Native Jan 15, 2008

    poor little innocent bystander....

  • ladyblue Jan 15, 2008

    I can't imagine what that his momma is going through, having to lose her son. She told neighbors that she was happy she had moved over here (because) her kid could go out and play in the yard and not have to worry," he said.

    This is a sad trajedy to loose yet another innocent child to drug related incidents. I just debated with Yokonjohn on this same thing yesterday when he said marijuana never affected anyone but the person smoking it. Didn't this mama know that it doesn't help to move if you carry the danger with you???

  • BUCKEYEnNC Jan 15, 2008

    So tragic!!!!