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Burned-Out Strip Club Faced Fines, ALE Violations

Posted January 7, 2008

— The operators of a Clayton strip club were facing fines and a 10-day suspension of the club's license due to lewd conduct by dancers before fire destroyed the club this weekend, state officials said.

Alcohol Law Enforcement agents conducted an undercover investigation at the Crazy Horse strip club between January and April 2007 after complaints to the agency.

Violations included two incidents in which employees participated in sexually explicit conduct, said Jeff Lassiter, with the Raleigh ALE office. Several employees also consumed alcohol while working.

Crazy Horse workers gave patrons memberships in the private club on the spot, ignoring the required three-day waiting period, Lassiter said.

ALE turned the violations over to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, which regulates businesses at which alcohol is served.

Owners of the strip club have disputed the violations, and the club's lawyer was negotiating a settlement with the ABC.

The ABC will not pursue the violations unless the club is rebuilt, which the owner told WRAL on Sunday that he plans to do, using insurance money.

A passer-by called in the fire around 6:30 a.m., and witnesses said flames were shooting 50 feet into the air. It took two hours for crews from six fire departments in Wake and Johnston counties to get the fire under control.

Fire investigators from the Wake County Fire Marshal's Office continued to sift through the ashes Monday to determine the cause of the fire.

The Crazy Horse, established in 1998, was part of the Aberdeen-based Pure Gold Club franchise, which operates six clubs. Crazy Horse was open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.

The club was known as Dockside Dolls in 1999, when a man confronted by club security guards shot and killed another customer.

The 1-acre property is owned by a Clayton couple, according to Wake County tax records.


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  • myrtlebeachrock Jan 9, 2008

    Strip Clubs are just like any other place of business. I know the other strip club on Yonkers Road in Raleigh attracts a lot of business clients and business deals are done there. That's a good thing for the local economy. People should be happy to see a really nice club go up around the Airport, like is going to be built. I used to live in Myrtle Beach and I dated a few strippers and they were just normal people.

    If the unreal NC hypocrites in several towns in NC would let clubs locate in other towns in NC it would help their economy if the club was really nice and catered to upscale business people.

    Just the truth

  • BMacarthur Jan 8, 2008

    Thats right we don't want this skum in our community! They should all be outlawed! Its all skum and does nothing but attract more skum! Get'em all Outlawed!

  • PikeMom4real Jan 8, 2008

    How terribly judgemental Pikemom.

    It is what it is.

  • penny for your thoughts Jan 8, 2008

    "Violations included two incidents in which employees participated in sexually explicit conduct." Call me crazy - last time I looked, that's what happens at strip clubs, topless bars, etc.

  • Funky Neighbor LEE Jan 8, 2008

    The building was built in 1976. It was a standard pool bar with bands called: HARVEY B's. I hit it's Grand Opening. One thing about the current business there, they upgraded the outside of the building and the parking lot.

  • TheWayISeeIt Jan 8, 2008

    Do you think they burned it down for the insurance money?

  • 68_polara Jan 8, 2008

    Why would someone criticize someone for going to church 3 times a week?

  • Jeremiah_Del_Toro Jan 8, 2008

    Someone is not dragging people into that realm, but something is.

    Do not look on a woman to lust after her in your heart, for the prostitute (physical or visual) reduces a man to a loaf of bread. A man led by his lusts, is no man at all.

  • yacs Jan 8, 2008

    Lewd conduct at a strip club?!? Surely not!!!

  • tarheel22 Jan 8, 2008

    To The Bible Belt Brigade

    How about not criticizing people who go to topless bars of their choosing and the topless bar patrons will not criticize you for going to church 3 times a week.