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Teaching Assistants Charged in Student Assault

Posted January 7, 2008

— Two former teaching assistants at a Raleigh school face charges in connection with an altercation involving a 12-year-old student.

Cey-Bristol Williams, 23, was arrested and charged Jan. 3 with simple assault and misdemeanor child abuse in connection with the Dec. 4 incident at Longview School. He was out of jail on a $2,000 bond.

An arrest warrant on the same charges is outstanding for the other assistant, Don Jackson, 26.

Wake County Public School System spokesman Michael Evans would not comment on the details of the case, but said the men resigned from their positions a day after the incident.

Williams had been with the school system since March, Jackson since August, Evans said.

Raleigh police also served the male student with a juvenile petition for property damage.

According to court records, he used a wooden object to attack one teaching assistant's cars.

They were part of an intervention team that had been working with the student.

Longview Principal Pam Jerro called it "a very unfortunate incident," and said the teaching assistants "used extremely poor judgment."

According to the Wake County schools Web site, Longview "serves students in grades 6 through 12 who have been identified as in need of special education services and whose academic and behavioral needs require intensive and intrusive intervention."


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  • daisy Jan 8, 2008

    due_whats_right, yes I know about restraint procedures for children. I was at one time a TA in Wake County for a BED class and after college I taught Special Ed in Cumberland County. I stand by my comment that if the principal went on record stating these guys were inappropriate then they must have gone too far and she had no choice but to call them out. Like many other professions, teachers show a united front to the outside public but in private there are some employees who should not be in charge of students. When the facts come out as to what these TAs really did, the comments on this story may look different.

  • Black Educator Jan 8, 2008

    To expect staff members to day in and day out act like they are automatons devoid of emotion is unrealistic. To continuously put them in dangerous situations where acting human could result in the end of a career is nothing short of criminal. We must seriously start talking about student misbehavior. There ought to be some things that children just can’t do in school. If protecting the learning environment of other children isn’t reason enough, then it must be done to safeguard our most treasured educational assets, our educators.

  • Black Educator Jan 8, 2008

    This situation is most regrettable, but not for the reasons that most would think of. This is neither a case of assault, nor child abuse. The staff members have been the only ones hurt, and are the ones who stand to lose the most from this ordeal. More than anything, this escapade is a reflection of the depressed state that schools such as this one operate in. Even educators have no idea of the level of disrespect and disruption of the learning environment that is the normal mode of operation at these schools. Staff members are continuously put into situations where their professional livelihoods could be taken away with even the slightest misstep. And there isn’t enough training or professionalism in the world to ensure that every situation is handled according to the book. To expect staff members to day in and day out act like they are automatons devoid of emotion is unrealistic. To continuously put them in dangerous situations where acting human could result in the end of a ca

  • shep8851 Jan 8, 2008

    If people want to see a true exodus of teachers from the profession just tell them, directly or indirectly, that they don't have the right to defend themselves or their property. Those are rights guaranteed by the Constitution-and just working for a school system does not negate those rights.

  • due_whats_right Jan 8, 2008

    Daisy, I do hope you understand that restraining can get very physical. I have seen schools go into lockdown mode just to restrain one child so even proper restraints can cause injury. And for MisunderstoodMind, assault is a very broad charge. I can push up against someone and that is an assault. Truth be told, I am sure all of the teachers at Longview could probably have assault charges brought against these students at some point or time. Review your book on how charges and filed - the time between the incident and date charges were filed mean nothing. And where you may think they were out of line, given that school, I am sure all are taught on how to properly "touch" a child. And for Iamforjustice, sometimes we can be so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good. Remember to turn the cheek when someone robs you or damages your property. And for those who have no clue, WAKE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS WOULD NOT HAVE PAID FOR THE DAMAGE TO THE CAR. PERIOD.

  • claudnc Jan 8, 2008

    I sent my child to a private school here in Raleigh. They believed in corporal punishment. You had to sign a waiver stating they could use this form of punishment. If you child acted up they would call you and let you know what the child did. They would ask if you were coming or did you want them to handle the situation. I let me daughter know up front if I had to come to the school to attend any situation - I was going to beat the living day lights out of her! I also let the school know they had my permission to spank her - just dont kill her. I never had a problem out of her at that school. If I am working two jobs and attending school - the only thing required of you -is attend school, learn and act like someone with some good sense - I wish she would have acted up! Please, make my day. I use to tell her all the time - play if you want to play but dont let you mouth write a check you behind can not CASH!

  • mtr Jan 8, 2008

    cjtheump... Sorry to disappoint you, but my child is 23, she graduated Magna Cum Laude at Appalachian State and was very disciplined. I never spanked her in her life, so why would I allow anyone else to do that.

    My point was that there are way to many of our educators that are pedophiles, masochists, or worse, so why would anyone give them permission to abuse their child?

  • thescarletpimpernel Jan 8, 2008

    1MomsView +++More than likely, nothing happened that harmed the child. Even in restraining an out of control child requires putting your hands on them.

    We're on the same page. Given the details have not emerged of the alleged abuse and assault; the length of time to press charges; and the TAs resigning a day afterwards leads me to assume these two TAs took measures to restrain this clearly out of control troubled child. So in restraining this child, they get slapped with simple assault and misdemeanor child abuse, where are the details of this alleged assault and abuse. Was the child physically harmed? Were there other students around when this happened? Was the child escalating into a rage whereas someone could have been seriously hurt by a swinging wooden object?

  • california girl Jan 8, 2008

    I have a kindergartener and he actually told me that I could not put him in his room when he called me a name because he would call the police on me. When I asked where he heard this he told me my teacher said you cannot punish me. This is the stuff that causes the behavior issues. When I grew up we were scared of getting in trouble. My dad kept a belt oiled just for that reason. Now we are all in our thirties all have great jobs, no drugs, married, and tell each other the stories of when dad pulled the belt out....

  • MisunderstoodMind Jan 8, 2008

    ALRAK, unprepared? Since you are so good at doing research why not Google a bit more. Although this is her first year as principal, she has been at Longview for a good while (team leader, vice principal, program coordinator, etc.). By looking at your profile date I'd feel safe to assume you're in cahoots with the disgruntled employees (maybe one yourself).

    Threw them under a bus? The men in question assaulted a 12 yo BOY! Would you prefer it swept under the rug? While we're at it, Lonview has a RPD officer on campus 5 days a week. I'm sure he filled out alot of paperwork that day.

    Oh, the only way someone can ruin your life is if you LET them. By your own admission you allowed children to ruin yours. I for one am overjoyed you left the field. So, if we compare her years of service to your decision to run away, the conclusion is very obvious.

    In closing, please get off of your judgemental, underinformed high horse. Why? Because the TRUTH could very well set you free.