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Strip Club Fire Investigation Continues

Posted January 7, 2008

— Fire investigators plan to return to the scene Monday to try to determine what caused a fire at the Crazy Horse strip club at 3008 U.S. Highway 70 in Clayton.

Someone driving by the adult entertainment club at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday called 911 to report the fire. Witnesses said flames could be seen shooting 50 feet into the air.

It took firefighters two hours to get the blaze under control. Part of the structure smoldering after the fire was extinguished. Six fire departments from Wake and Johnston counties responded.

A firefighter suffered a slight burn on one foot. He was treated by Emergency Medical Services at the scene and was OK.

Three investigators from the Wake County Fire Marshal Office sifted through the ashes to determine how the fire started.

This Crazy Horse was established in 1998. It was part of the Pure Gold Club franchise and was open from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.

The owner of the club said he has insurance and plans to rebuild. He also owns six other clubs and said displaced employees will likely be transferred to other clubs.

The club had been known as Dockside Dolls. The 1 acre property is owned by a Clayton couple, according to Wake County tax records.


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  • Obscurite Jan 7, 2008

    "Legally, Prostitution is the sale of sexual services. The services may consist of any sexual acts, including those which do not involve copulation. While payment may be any nonsexual consideration, most commonly it is the form of money."jf

    No, jf, legally prostitution is the sale of sexual "relations"... the subtle difference here is that you are trying to include many legal ventures into a contrived definition. The fact is that prostitution DOES NOT include the things found on stage in these places or else every right wing nut case lawyer would have closed them down long ago.

    "The act of offering one's self for hire to engage in sexual relations" (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/prostitution)

  • clover1019 Jan 7, 2008

    she said to her husband " if you go to that dirty bar again im going to burn it down!"......and so she did. Im glad it got torched by someone! i know a few other places that can go down in a blaze of glory too. cmon now there are much better things to spend your money on. =)

  • jackadoo Jan 7, 2008

    Oh no, my gf, who supports me, is now out of work. Not really, have not been to one in 30 years, but I have no big problem if they obey the laws..it's called the US Constitution. There is ALOT worse in our society, AND especially on the internet. ALOT worse! That's the new moral decay battleground we should focus on. These clubs have been around 50 years.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Jan 7, 2008

    "You ARE judging people.....do you not even see it in your post? You need to re-read the bible...thou shall not cast the first stone. Jesus taught love....not hate. You need to look inside for a change of heart. I'll pray for you."

    I'm not judging anyone. It's hard to call a spade a spade without some people trying to say you're being judgmental. If the Bible says stealing is a sin, and you steal, and I tell you that was a sin, you would say I'm being judgmental. At some point, you have to cut people some slack.

    If a guy looks at a pretty girl, and I say "you're lusting!" that's being judgmental. See the difference?

    If the purpose of a strip joint is not to serve up some beautiful girls for the purposes of lusting, what are they there for?

  • BUCKEYEnNC Jan 7, 2008

    Wow! Who would've thought that the burning down of a strip club would bring out such a theological discussion!

    Okay everyone, this is America! This last time I checked it is still a free country! With that said, the owners of that business has the right re-build. As consumers, we have the right to visit or not to visit such an establishment.

    If your religious or moral beliefs forbid you to visit such places doesn't make it wrong for everyone.

    Remember a wise man said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged!" There isn't a person who has posted here that is free from sin. As such, nobody here has the right to judge anyone who owns, works or visits these places.

    Take care!

  • Reb3Flag Jan 7, 2008

    From watching the video of the fire. It looks like at least they saved the pole.

  • Reb3Flag Jan 7, 2008

    Hope they at least saved the pole.

  • fireman1963 Jan 7, 2008

    and, cartman. As far a a change of heart - I will never change my heart to accept or justify a business like this because you say that "Jesus tuaght to love, not hate." Love the sinner's and our enemie's souls and try to turn them away from their sinful lives. But never to condone the sin - which is really what you are advocating.

  • fireman1963 Jan 7, 2008

    Cartman - get your Bible verses right if you are going to quote. Jesus did not say thou shalt not cast the first stone. He said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." That was in response to the crowd's intention to stone to death the adultress. But you need to go further - after those who would have executed her had left, he then turned to the woman and said to "go, and sin no more." Did not Jesus judge her by saying she had sinned.

    I am not saying that I am worthy of judging sin. I am not. As Paul said about sinners, I am chief among them. As Christian's however, we are duty-bound to point out sin whenever we see it.

  • skidkid269 Jan 7, 2008

    Well, I'm going straight to heck. I'll hold the door for everyone else!