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New Attack Choppers Supplement NC Guard Force

Posted January 6, 2008
Updated January 9, 2008

— The North Carolina National Guard added 12 upgraded attack helicopters Sunday to the unit based at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Twenty-four are expected to be in place by the end of the year.

The AH-64(D) Longbow aircraft are upgraded versions of the Army's Apache attack helicopters. The Longbow has improved fire-control radar and radar guided Hellfire missiles. The Army also ordered improved engines for the new model.

The choppers that came into service Sunday are part of the 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion of the Guard's 130th Aviation Regiment. The 1st of the 130th is the first operational reserve unit in the Army to get the new model  helicopter, Maj. Matt Handley, a Guard public information officer said.

Maj. Gen. William E. Ingram Jr., adjutant general of the state's National Guard, spoke at a ceremony marking the arrival.


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  • Gandalf The White Jan 7, 2008

    "I hope these aren't going to be used agianst our own citizens..."

    You weren't exactly at the head of the line when God was passing out intelligence were ya Johnny?

  • just my2cents Jan 7, 2008

    abf1, from what I read when he got home from his drill, he leaves 2/28/09, so I took that as official since it was on 'paper' so to speak, but maybe not. I always knew he would be deployed, that does not make me feel any different....proud, but scared. As I said, it is so much different when it's yuor own child. I am used to it being my father, uncle, or friends.

  • ghimmy47 Jan 7, 2008

    ok. that answers it. The secure data link would share targeting data from the millimeter wave radar equipped bird.

  • tmedlin Jan 7, 2008

    Iran has stirred the pot this morning at the Straight of Hormuiz (sp) at the Persian Gulf, with a couple of our Navy ships - to the point of our sailors having to man battlestations...haven't seen it covered on WRAL yet, but it sounded a little scary...

  • nbforrest Jan 7, 2008

    Put them on the border with live ammo!

  • abf1 Jan 7, 2008

    ghimmy47: Oops...I failed to state my main point in my first post to you...(need more coffee), all three a/c in the photo are Longbows.

  • oldrebel Jan 7, 2008

    Now we're ready when Godzilla rises up out of Jordan or Falls Lake, all upset because we're drained all his protective water covering!

  • abf1 Jan 7, 2008

    ghimmy47...as for your question regarding the photo, that's because all D-Model Apaches do not have the Fire Control Radar (Cheeseball) installed however, they have the capability to have them installed. Hope that answers your questions.

  • abf1 Jan 7, 2008

    In response to the posts by "just my2cents" & "john283594",

    First of all, we have not gotten our deployment orders....technically, second of all, anyone in the military cannot be so Naive to think that they aren't going to get deployed EVER, no matter how hard it is to deal with, and third, for john283594, No my dear, we are NOT going to use these against our own citizens...That, I can promise you!

  • just my2cents Jan 7, 2008

    These are the helicopters my son works on in Morrisville. They had a ceremony yesterday and got their deployment orders. I am already having a hard time with it, and he is not leaving til Feb 09! It's just so much harder when it's your child instead of your dad! lol