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Parents Start Reassignment Petition: 'We're Not Being Heard'

Posted January 5, 2008
Updated January 6, 2008

— One group of parents is hoping to make a convincing sales pitch to the Wake County school board. It's a fight that plays out every year around this time.

The parents don’t want their kids to change schools due to a reassignment plan that moves thousands of kids to new schools because of growth or to balance poverty levels.

They've started a petition with hundreds of signatures, and they have one board member on their side.

“I think there’s a frustration that’s being vented on the petition that we’re not being heard,” said parent Katie Sommers.

The proposed reassignment plan would affect more than 6,000 elementary students in Wake County.

DeLana Anderson's daughter, Morgan, would move from Oak Grove to Adams Elementary. She and other parents started the petition against the reassignment.

“Every parent, when your children are being messed with, you feel angry, you feel frustrated,” Anderson said. “You want what’s best for your child, individually.”

School board member Ron Margiotta represents the parents whose students go to Oak Grove. He says the reason for the move is simply to keep the socioeconomic scales balanced.

“You know my opinion, it’s foolishness,” he said. “We’re disrupting schools. We’re disrupting children. We’re disrupting families. We’re disrupting communities to the benefit of no one.”

Margiotta also said the bus route to Adams Elementary will be longer. The parents say that is taxpayer dollars wasted.

“Millions of dollars of tax dollars to bus our children further away from their communities is not a solution,” Sommers said.

School board Chair Rosa Gill said the reassignment proposal is far from done, and she welcomes parents to present the school board with constructive alternatives.

Board members will hear a revised version of the reassignment plan on Tuesday. They're not expected to make a decision on it until February.


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  • AWakeMom Jan 7, 2008

    For all of you who don't like the way WCPSS is run -- move back to where you came from.
    For all of you who think busing is a bad idea -- go to a south Raleigh neighborhood base school -- your views would change.
    For all of you with too much energy and time on your hands to do nothing better than gripe about a school system -- get a life.

  • NC is my home Jan 7, 2008

    We need to assign first the students whose parents were born & raised in North Carolina to the school of their choice. Then, those alien students can take what's available. If there isn't room in Wake County to educate all these extra children, then their parents should make other arrangements. Why should the taxpayers be burdened with these second generation ingrates?

  • Your Reality Check Bounced Jan 7, 2008

    I really wish vouchers were a viable option in NC.

    Unfortunately, at the point that the government of NC starts "paying for" (even with our own tax dollars!) private or home education, it will also immediately begin demanding increasing amounts of control over what, when, how, and with whom our children may be taught, in effect recreating the public school system in all our options until we have no options left.

    As much as I'd love to sacrifice less financially for the joy of schooling my child at home, I'm just not willing to trade control for cash.

  • BULLDOZER Jan 7, 2008

    I know NOT everyone can afford private schooling, but people if we could get vouchers everyone could. The amount of money our government spends on each kid in NC and in the US on average is far MORE than an average private school. And yes there are some really good public schools and some really bad private ones, but as a whole the private ones work better. They are not mired down with layers of bureaucracy, a busing overhead that in itself could build several paid for schools every year and ridiculous last minute busing of kids across town. Once again, if the gov't would allow the free market to work, we would all see our schools and our children benefit. Support choice, support vouchers.

  • enoughsaid Jan 7, 2008


  • teach4er Jan 6, 2008

    The Board believes it is doing the right thing, minus one of them. If you want to change things, vote them out. Otherwise, this will be a yearly occurrence. The Board members are not going to change their stance.

  • happymom Jan 6, 2008

    pooh person: I'm aware of that. Thus the comments " it seems from the big hoopla we experienced with the year-round standoff between the board and the county commissioners last year, the the commissioners would be open to allowing a shift from the money going to bus expenditures being moved to the capital outlay fund."

    That was meant to cover the expenses you mention.

  • poohperson2000 Jan 6, 2008


    Yes that money is to purchase buses. Not to put gas in them, pay for the drivers, or to maintain them. Purchase of "real proprty" is another way of say capital expenditure. The expenses to run the buses, etc comes out of their operating budget.

  • Tax Man Jan 6, 2008

    We went through this for the entire time our kids were in Wake County Schools - from 1993 until 2005 - it was always the same thing every year - always moving kids here and there, busing kids from nice neighborhood schools to socioeconomically distressed areas to "balance" things - never allowing parents to plan - just a real shame. Glad we are out of it now - especially with most of the board members not believing the parents should have any say at all. Give all the parents vouchers and see where they put their kids - that is the right thing to do! Shut down this huge busing system and let kids go to school in their neighborhood with their friend and neighbors! Let parents choose where to live because it has a nice school - don't make them guess where their kids may end up. Vouchers and neighborhood schools - perhaps city schools versus county schools.

  • Feisty Redneck Diva - LETS RIDE Jan 6, 2008

    I wish WRAL would do a more thorough job of reporting and offer information about HOW to sign the petition for those interested in doing so.