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Father: Son Killed After Spilling Beer at Raleigh Nightclub

Posted December 28, 2007
Updated December 29, 2007

— A Raleigh man was stabbed to death for apparently spilling beer on another man at a Raleigh nightclub, the victim's father said Friday.

"Evidently, Daniel bumped into this guy and beer spilled on this guy, and this guy was very angry about that," said Andre Smith, whose son, Daniel Dietmar Smith, 21, died at WakeMed early Friday morning.

Police said Daniel Smith was stabbed at about 2:15 a.m. at West Side Stories, 200 S. West St., following an argument with Wallace Reynold Bass Jr.

Bass, who was at the nightclub celebrating his 24th birthday, was detained at the scene and later charged with murder. He was being held Friday night at the Wake County Jail without bond.

Andre Smith said he and his family have compassion for the alleged killer.

"We don't have to wish for suffering. The moment he killed my son, he already started to suffer," Smith said. "For myself personally, I can't imagine what it's like to kill someone. You have to live with that for the rest of your life."

Smith, a practicing Buddhist who teaches meditation and anger management to prison inmates, said his son's death makes him even more determined to save young people.

"We've got to start caring. We've got to stop seeing these kids as statistics and we've got to start caring about them," he said. "They just need to be loved. They just need to be understood."

Bass has several prior convictions, including weapon and drug charges.


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  • JuanGrande v3.0 Dec 30, 2007

    There is an easy way to handle all of this. Put the convict on trial. Heck, I'll even allow him an appeal. After he is convicted (again) on his appeal, there would be an immediate execution of sentence. If you are on death row, there should be no longer than six months between sentencing and execution of said sentence. Death penalty would be very much more of an effective deterrant if we allow it to be doled out as it should be.

  • i am batman Dec 30, 2007

    another dumb thug going to the prison system. the prisons are filled with dummies wasting their lives and the pain of the lives they took.

  • jon2four Dec 30, 2007

    Tarheelsdon'tlikeedwards-Hey,come on ,it's the Constitution that gives liberal and leftist the right to do what they are doing. It's the Constitution that says a man is innocent until proven guilty,it's the constitutional process that allows for even the convicted to have a right to appeal.This is not something that Liberals and leftist made up .It was the founding fathers,If you don't believe it ,go read it for yourself,Fox news don't tell you that.It seem to me that most conservatives grip is not with liberals and leftist but with the Constitution.

  • commonsensical Dec 30, 2007

    djofraleigh: It's not the alcohol or drugs that's the problem, it's the people. Many people use alcohol responsibly, so don't make excuses for behavior by placing the blame on the substance. You say something must be done by society. You are a part of that society, what are YOU doing to fix the problems?

  • lizard Dec 30, 2007

    Some of these comments about the eastern religion are funny. Yeah right! Like the crime rates in those countries are so much lower.

  • lizard Dec 30, 2007

    graduate - good luck getting that into everyone's thick head.

    This behavior is an accepted alternative to walking away because they know nothing (relatively)is going to happen to them.

  • brad351228 Dec 30, 2007

    Wow - this is absolutely ridiculous. If my son stabbed someone to death over spilled beer, I think I would beat him up, then disown him.

  • jimmy boy Dec 29, 2007

    Tougher pocket knife laws. We need background checks with waiting periods for pocket knife purchases.

  • TheGraduate Dec 29, 2007

    This boy's father is right: we need to start caring about these young black men--many are born to teens who know nothing about caring for children. These children do not get their developmental needs met, their needs for guidance and direction are not met. It's far better for teens to put off child-bearing till they, themselves, are mature, educated, and employed.

  • djofraleigh Dec 29, 2007

    I've had this case, and the one with the baby on my mind all day. Something needs to be done by society. I hate rules but nothing good seems to happen after midnight and alcohol is a scourge on the people. No wonder Islam fobids it. The US tried and failed in 1919. People say pot and other illegal drugs are no worse than alcohol, but that ain't saying a lot, is it? Who would let loose alcohol on people again, if we had it to do over again?

    If those two guys had make it a little longer, say 30, they would have matured and had families and been home nights. Waste is an awful thing. I guess we're wasting time on here, but it's good to see how others think about things.