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Durham Woman Catches Burglary Suspects in Act

Posted December 27, 2007

— A woman in North Durham may have helped solve at least half a dozen break-ins in her area after she confronted three strangers who broke into her house on Hallmark Road Wednesday.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she came home and found three men upstairs. One of them had her purse, so she confronted them.

“She said she was struck, struck by one of the intruders,” said Lt. Stanley Harris with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman followed the intruders outside, and one of the men fired a gun, deputies said. The woman was not injured.

“The gun was in her direction, and she saw the flash on the muzzle,” Harris said.

The woman quickly dialed 911, which helped authorities catch the suspects. During the 911 call, the woman can be heard telling the dispatcher that the suspects were driving a white Cadillac.

“I got the license plate number, and they stole some stuff from me,” she said.

Minutes later, a deputy responding to the scene spotted the vehicle and pulled it over.

“For us, it was a really great catch,” Harris said.

All three men now face multiple charges.

Authorities arrested Carlos Jones, Jameel Ray and Michael Pullium. Although he was listed in court document as “Michael Pullium,” investigators said his name is actually Mark Travers. Ray was previously charged with murder and was out on bond awaiting trial.

The men were in jail Thursday night, and a copy of their past arrest reports was thick. Deputies said they expect to file more charges against the men in the coming days. Authorities believe the men were responsible for other break-ins in the area.

Deputies say the situation could have been much worse.

“Any time you get a three on one scenario, that’s not good odds, even for law enforcement,” Harris said.

Neighbors said they believe the community is still safe. Although, now they are a bit more inclined to take the neighborhood watch more seriously.

“I think she was extremely lucky,” said neighbor Alvin Cooper. “One of the reasons we moved out here is because it’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, and I think it remains that way.”


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  • 63 Dec 28, 2007

    On a previous page, sgtstorm1986 asked "why so many of these crooks are out on bond and still able to rob and kill and still get out on bond, what needs to be done to stop this..." What needs to be done is that we need to elected judges who keep these thugs in jail and don't let them out on bond. We need to find out which judge let them out and not re-elect that judge. And we need to let the defense lawyers know we don't appreciate them advocating for thugs like these.

    Now I see there's *another* murder in Raleigh. When will WRAL add postings for that story??? Or will their pro-Raleigh bias only allow postings about Durham?

  • Mo Dec 28, 2007

    Are we tired to this yet...write the people you can do something and demand change! I am!!!
    http://www.house.gov/writerep/ (and)

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Dec 28, 2007

    Wow, this is one brave but extremely lucky woman. She could have easily been killed. It happens all often in these home invasions. I hope those guys go away for a long, long, time...

  • Harrison Bergeron Dec 28, 2007

    "i'm sorry if i missed this...WHERE in the article does it say that these fools were products of teenage mothers? and what does that have to do with this story? do you people just assume that most blacks grow up in teenage single-parent homes?" -ilmrn2003

    Holding other variables constant, black children from single-parent households are twice as likely to commit crimes as black children from a family where the father is present. Nearly 70 percent of juveniles in state reform institutions come from fatherless homes, as do 43 percent of prison inmates. (US DHS, Hill & O'Neill)

    Unfortunately, 70% of all black births in the United States were to unmarried mothers, but don't blame teens mothers here, as their pregnancy rates have declined. However, unmarried births have increased significantly for women in their 20s. (CDC NCVS)

    So, as you can see, some posters believe questioning the legitimacy of these criminals' births is pertinent.

  • homer s Dec 28, 2007

    what's the bond amount these days for murderers/thieves/???!!! in durham? equal to that for unpaid parking tickets i suppose. how could that cretin raise any bond money? shocking!

  • murph Dec 28, 2007

    The punishment for home invasions should be much more severe. I can't even imagine how scared my 2 children would be if something like this happened to us. I'm sure it would scar them for life. If you're not even safe inside your home then what is there left. Of course if they did come into my home and I had any chance at all they wouldn't walk out the door.

    I would hate to see this happen to anyone but I think that the only way the stupid politicians/lawyers/judges get it is if it actually happened to them.

  • 68_polara Dec 28, 2007

    Less than 4 miles from my home, which is further than some other break ins that have occurred in the passed few months. They come when we're at work. Glad to here this lady didn't get hurt!

    In regards to the comment:

    "I hope and pray that they spend MANY-MANY years in jail!"

    They won't, Durham County Judges don't sentience thugs to any real time. That's why we have the same thugs doing this and getting caught over and over again. Getting sick of it. The only chance one of them might spend any serious time in prison would be if the one who actually tried to shoot the lady is prosecuted in federal court for a gun charge.

  • dayanapage Dec 28, 2007

    Wow!! This lady was too brave, and the Lord was looking after her, this is amazing!!!

  • UpwardlyMobile Dec 28, 2007

    These guys are terrorists and I'm so glad this woman was not hurt. As a woman, this has to be my biggest fear. I believe that they're going to be going to jail for a good while. People are getting fed up with this kind of behavior. The charges had better include attempted murder since they fired a shot at her.

  • mramorak Dec 28, 2007

    Great catch indeed!