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Raleigh's Swap Shop Seeks Electronic Donations

Posted December 26, 2007

— For those who received digital cameras, DVD players or other electronic devices during the holiday season, the City of Raleigh is asking for your help.

Residents who received the new items as gifts are urged to bring their old ones to Raleigh’s Swap Shop to help benefit residents in need.

“You got something new, let somebody else get something new,” said Linda Leighton, a waste reduction specialist with Raleigh’s Solid Waste Services department. “It’s extending the life of our landfill.”

By bringing electronic items to the Swap Shop, city officials said they can reduce space that would have been immediately taken up at the landfill. Though it’s encouraged for most of the season, people don’t have to donate to pick something up, particularly during this holiday season.

“You want to have the latest and greatest and everything, and everything else falls by the wayside,” Leighton said. “[It] becomes older and more obsolete and just becomes trash, and someone else can use it.”

The Swap Shop requires that all electronic donations be in good working condition. For more information, click here.


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  • enigma1469 Dec 27, 2007

    I have an Atari 2600.. Top of the line stuff... Does anyone know if they have used porn or adult toys? If not then I got a big old box if they want it.

  • LZ Dec 27, 2007

    Thanks for saying that, rabbitrabbit. There are people on this forum who could have given Scrooge lessons in being nasty.

  • houdie1031 Dec 27, 2007

    YES. This is a Great idea. Lots of my lovely furniture has been pre-owned; as have my 3 dogs and 2 cats. I love the idea of getting other people's quality throw-aways at much lower cost. Thanks to Linda Leighton and all the recyclers of the world.

  • Mean Old Mom Dec 26, 2007

    Wish I had seen this article before Christmas. It would have made my shopping much easier and cheaper! Imagine, a one-stop-shop where you don't have to pay for electronics! And no taxes to boot!

  • shine Dec 26, 2007

    I think people do not generally throw away things that work. Maybe a toy their kids outgrow or clothes, but I would doubt electronics that are in working order.
    For instance - I know a guy that just gave away about 20 computers. He works for a medical software company so he gave them to a computer guy in Atlanta for parts. The hard drives had to be removed and destroyed before they were given away.

    I wouldn't give any one an old computer without taking out the hard drive. What good is the computer without the hard drive ?

  • ImFindingMyself Dec 26, 2007

    I think this is a great idea! I am a single mom of 5 and also a full time student. The computer I have now is very old and cannot support all that I need for school. I cannot afford right now to buy a new one- and when I do I would LOVE to have a laptop so that I can work on it during breaks in my day AT school. I think that something like this ( in the hands of the right people) could benefit those who are TRYING. Have a great night :)

  • denverbob234 Dec 26, 2007

    Cause For Paws out on S. Saunders

    Has donated nothing for all the money it has taken in. In fact it is on the brink of losing its charity status for not making the donations to the appropriate agencies

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Dec 26, 2007

    This is a great idea, also Wake Freecycle for anything landfill-bound or the best idea is donate your unwanted (sellable) items to Cause For Paws out on S. Saunders.

  • rabbitrabbit Dec 26, 2007

    Wow, what a bunch of hateful people. If you don't want something, and no one else wants to take it off your hands, then *why not* donate it? Getting a little something that's just useless to one person might make another less fortunate person really happy, and where's the harm in that? Also, being poor DOES NOT equal lazy, not working, or selfish. And of course someone would only want something if it's working...people who aren't as well off as you aren't dumpsters. Don't be a jerk.
    Be kind and share, folks. You should have learned that a long time ago.

  • shine Dec 26, 2007

    If I got something new - the first thing I would do is offer it to my relatives if I was that excited to get rid of it.