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Post-holiday deals lure shoppers to local malls

Posted December 26, 2007
Updated November 18, 2008

— Some local malls opened early Wednesday for shoppers taking advantage of after-Christmas sales.

James Manning and Janet Joyner shop the day after Christmas for next year's gifts.

"We're both pretty good shoppers looking for a deal. (Anything) 70 percent off, we'll purchase," Manning said.

"I think maybe there are more things on sale this year, and there were more things on sale before Christmas too, I think," Joyner said.

Shopper Judy Darnell said she does not usually shop after Christmas, but she did some research before venturing out.

"I bought my granddaughter a pair of Stride-Rite shoes and I bought a memory foam mattress," she said.

According to some economic experts, November and December can account for as much as 50 percent of sales and profits at many chains.

Thousands of shoppers were expected to whip out their gift cards. This holiday season, consumers were expected to spend a total of $26 billion in gift cards, according to the National Retail Foundation.

Many stores are also expected to slash prices on items to make room for next year's merchandise.

The holidays often means getting a new electronic device, but don't be so quick to throw it away. Officials suggest donating or recycling the old one.

If you received a new electronic device, Raleigh officials urge you to donate or recycle the old one if the gift was a replacement. Raleigh's "Swap Shop" is located at the City Waste Center at 900 N. New Hope Road.


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  • Sopranos Justice Dec 27, 2007

    my resolution this year is to be more positive about life, but is it news that there is after christmas shopping sales? Just good old fashioned filler news...

  • ncweddingdj.com Dec 26, 2007

    Retailers---Sell it or eat it. (Careful if you got it from China....)

  • ranquick Dec 26, 2007

    Today I was out and about and maybe becasue the weather but it was slow in all the stores I went to but one Wal-Mart and I willbe the first to tell you somany people are so rude.. NOT the store Employess, but the people shopping and returning things. IT IS NOT THE PERSON'S FAULT AT THE STORE'S RETURN COUNTER YOU GOT THE WRONG THING, SO DO NOT BLAME THEM! Being nice goes a long way!

  • Voice of Reason 23 Dec 26, 2007

    ralyrosegrl - That was awesome! I'm so tired of the vast Xian majority with the vast majority of power in this country, always playing the martyrs whenever any little thing doesn't go their way, or might possibly offend them.

  • computer trainer Dec 26, 2007

    WRAL Staff, just wanted to say thank you for cleaning this up! Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

  • l-rae17 Dec 26, 2007

    More people than not probably have no idea about that little history lesson. They're just too lazy to write out Christmas - and some of them really DO "take the Christ out of it."

  • ralyrosegrl Dec 26, 2007

    Actually tsquaring the use of 'x' as an abbreviation for Christ goes back to Greek alphabet. In Greek, Christ starts with an X and there has been historical evidence as far back as the 11th century of churches using XP or Xt as an abbreviation for Jesus Christ or Jesus the Christ. The current Greek Orthodox Church still uses these symbols and abbreviations today. So, writing out Xmas is an abbreviation for Christmas, not taking Christ out of Christmas. Sometimes its helpful to learn the history behind something before you make an assumption.
    And by the way-I wouldn't step foot in any of the malls in the triangle today for all the money in the world! That really has nothing to do with Christmas!

  • l-rae17 Dec 26, 2007

    well - the holiday is CHRISTMAS.

  • Not_So_Dumb Dec 26, 2007

    Please explain how the sale of products at a discount is related to any holiday; Christmas, Xmas or whatever you want. There are people are out buying stuff today. Do you really think anything other than a tiny percent of them are doing so for any reason other than the deals? If you believe it is out of some sort of religious reverence, I think you are mistaken. If you just want to attach the name of your person favorite holiday to an activity because you think that it will help, I think you should look more closely at your marketing campaign.

  • All child molesters should die Dec 26, 2007

    I see they changed the xmas to holidays! Wow! I am impressed!