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3rd Suspect in Orange Co. Slaying Wanted in 2 Durham Shootings

Posted December 21, 2007

— Durham police officers on Friday afternoon apprehended a suspect in at least three shootings, including the murder of an Orange County woman inside her home.

Officers went to the 1700 block of Avondale Drive to find Montez Antonio Stevons, 20, of Durham. Stevons spotted the officers and fled, but police caught him after a brief foot chase.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has charged Stevons with first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon for the Nov. 26 slaying of Eva Jacobs during a break-in at her Orange County home.

Durham police wanted Stevons in connection with two shootings. Officers believe Stevons shot a 33-year-old man during a Nov. 3 home invasion on House Avenue and shot a 19-year-old male on Morehead Avenue on Sept. 25.

The state Department of Corrections listed Stevons as "an absconder from probation/parole supervision." He was sentenced on July 30 to 36 months' probation for conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Stevons had been given probation three other times since 2004 in Durham County for charges including assault with a deadly weapon.

Stevons was placed in the Durham County Jail and given no bond. His first court appearance had not yet been scheduled.

Durham police were still looking for Cedric Antonio Joint, 20, whom they consider a second suspect in the House Avenue shooting. Joint frequents the areas of Sedgefield Street and the West End.

Anyone with information on Joint’s whereabouts is asked to call Investigator Freeman at 919-560-1020, ext. 238 or CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200. CrimeStoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases, and callers never have to identify themselves.

Earlier Friday, Reshaun Cates, 20, of 511 Park Ave. in Durham, was also charged in Jacobs' death. Cates was already in the Durham County Jail on unrelated charges.

Doné Octavous Johnson, 20, of Hillsborough, was the first to be charged in the murder and robbery. He appeared in court on Thursday.

Jacobs died Nov. 26 after she called 911 about a break-in in progress at her Compton Road home in Cedar Grove. Prosecutors said that a shotgun and $300 worth of marijuana were stolen from Jacobs' home.


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  • TRivers Dec 22, 2007

    Nothing changes. When folks like yuratwit and Joefly tell the truth about what is going on the same old thing happens they get hit with the "racist" remark. It'll never change and the NAACP will never change. It's just a different way of thinking I guess.

  • johnmcdonough Dec 22, 2007


    The Rev. wont come out and say anything because that wont bring any publicity, like Al Sharpeton or Rev Jessie Jackson. They would rather go after people who make non pc statements and try to ruin their lives, instead of dealing with the true issues in their communities. I never see the local NAACP speaking out with outrage with these senseless killings. It doesn't sell.

  • johnmcdonough Dec 22, 2007

    Jokers Wild II

    Trust me it is. You would have to sit in criminal court in Durham to get the full affect. To give you a quick example, VT Judge who gave a person who confessed to raping a young child over three years 60 DAYS IN JAIL AND THEN PROBATION. So don't give me the structured sentence garbage. I see you don't. Everybody gets probation these days for serious crimes, know is held accountable anymore. Sit in court for a week and you will see. Or how about a domestic violence case were the male exited his house and fired a weapon at his girlfriend across a busy street. six months probation. So you keep dreaming. I know, you don't.

  • Jokers Wild II Dec 22, 2007

    johnmcdonough - they have structured sentencing passed down by legislators, how exactly is it the judges fault? you need to proceed a little higher up the food chain to get to the root of the problem, and I will give you two guesses, starting with Washington D.C.

  • stretch1a Dec 22, 2007

    Just remember one thing about the justice system. It costs about 25,000 for each low life they put in prison! We need to get rid of the "let em loose Bruce" judges. For why spend our money to catch these folks if the folks in charge just let the out. I can feel sorry for our police to see the same folks on the revolving justice platform, arrest, jail, short time in, trial(laugh), release. I moved here from VA and I can only say they do it up right. Built as many prisons as they needed and kept the bad guys off the street.

  • skypilot-not Dec 22, 2007

    nice friendly looking tyke. can anyone say "needle"?

  • Hammerhead Dec 22, 2007

    blowfly1964, there are plenty of safe places in Durham. Get your head out of your cavity.

  • AKA PikeMom Dec 22, 2007

    yruatwit,You said it all for me.I need not say anything else.

  • Mo Dec 22, 2007

    Latest news: "Police Look for Cadillac After 4 Shot"...and the cycle continues. If they could just lock up the repeat offenders for good our streets could be safe. Who do you think teaches the young thugs their trade...it's the older ones we refuse to lock up. We need a California 3 strikes your out law. We can build prisons, or continue to fund the extra police, lawyers, and court costs to maintain the revolving door legal system we have today. The current situation is sickening.

  • yruatwit Dec 22, 2007

    To "Tonedout"............I observe, I read, I educate myself, I drive and walk our streets and neighborhoods, I witness reality, I research statistics and I pity those that don't.