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Child Support Lawsuit Dropped Against Dwayne Dail

Posted December 21, 2007

— A child support lawsuit for back child support against a Wayne County man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit has been dropped.

Dwayne Dail said the suit, filed in November by his former girlfriend Lorraine Michaels for back child support while he was in prison, was dismissed Friday.

But he said he could not comment on the deal but was happy the matter was resolved.

"I am very happy and relieved to have this black cloud removed from me and my son's bonding process," Dail said. "And I hope that there can begin some healing between me and Lori, too. This has been extremely difficult for everyone involved."

Michaels sued for a "reasonable sum" of a $360,000 compensatory payment Dail is due from the state for his wrongful imprisonment.

Earlier this month, a judge ruled Michaels should receive only a portion, if any, of the payment

Dail spent 18 years in prison for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. He was exonerated by DNA evidence in August.

He is expected to receive that by the end of January and said said he plans to use it to buy a house for him and his son and enroll them both in college. Dail said he wants to pursue a career in criminal justice to help other innocent people in prison.

"I want to have that feeling of having helped someone who is desperately in need of help," he said.


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  • DominicanNC Dec 22, 2007

    Speaking of Duke, correct me if I'm wrong, but i have not heard Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the ones who conducted candle/protests against the Duke player's issue an apology. Has anyone? just curious... Mr Dail Merry Christmas and many of us here will keep you and your son in our prayers.

  • jackadoo Dec 22, 2007

    You know, as a big CSI fan, I have come to realize how weak, eye witness testimony can be, if not supported by alot of other real evidence. We only have to look as far as Durhood, LAX, to appreciate that.

  • Scarecrow Cow Dec 22, 2007

    His son is 18, so the mother does not need a single dime for child support. If he hadn't been wrongfully imprisoned he would have gladly paid any amount or done anything to help his son as he grew up. It's not his fault at all that he couldn't pay during that time. She was just being greedy and I am glad she will not see any of his money, especially because he deserves much, much more considering what he went through.

  • ladyblue Dec 22, 2007

    The truth does win over. Thank goodness that now he and the kid can catch up on all the good years. Why is the mama so angry? She should be glad that the son finally gets to meet the father and that the kids fatehr didn't do it. I am probably certain the mama and lawlyer learned that anything mama won would have to be repaid to the state if financial assistance even medicaid was used in the boys upbringing. Maybe the man can start something good with his life now. I wish him luck in his endeavors to get them both a college degree. I think that's neat. He'd probably help the mama also get a degree if she'd simmer down.

  • Jack Bauer Dec 22, 2007

    I agree with bullrod. I am glad Nifong was disbarred, and he should still be in jail today. However, the lacross players shouldn't see millions of dollars if that in fact is the case. At least they aren't in jail and they can get on with life. Unless of course, some cheezy lawyer is filling their heads with $$$$$$$$ signs they won't be able top move on.

    Mr Dail on the other hand should see twice or thrice the amount of money he is due. 360k for 18 years of life doesn't seem like much of a deterent for NC to not wrongfully prosecute people. I hope he does something with this money other than buy a nice car and trailor and call it home which is about all 360k can get him w/o breaking him. He has such a new opportunity at life let's see where he is 5 years from now. Probably nowhere but at least he is free.

  • parr4246 Dec 22, 2007

    Glad to hear the lawsuit was dropped.............!!!!

  • cool_rocker999 Dec 22, 2007

    Finally a ridiculous story with a great outcome. I wish the father and son the best.

  • LibertarianTechie Dec 22, 2007

    bullrod002, those, " world famous "rich kids from Duke lacrosse",with big money", were more than just, "only wrongfully accused", there season was cut short, got kicked out (basically) of Duke, and were caused vicious names by now former DA Mike Nifong. I haven't heard any of that in the Dale case.

  • Ice Dec 22, 2007

    You know, even if he was guilty (from poster who said DNA did not say it was not him), I feel he probaly did enough time (compared to others now days) to pay. Let's give him a break and try to believe he will live a productive life. At least he has a plan for himself and his son that is going in that direction.

    Does anyone else find it odd that an almost grown child immediately wanted to live with his father, a father he never knew?

  • retired and luv it Dec 22, 2007

    I would like to continue to hear from Mr Dail and hope that he indeed keeps his life together and makes the most of this overdue opportunity. He should know the value of freedom and oppurtunity better than ever before.