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'Secret Santa' Nets 21 on Drug Charges

Posted December 21, 2007

Twenty-one people were arrested early Friday in Wake Forest and 17 others are wanted in connection with a six-month investigation into drug activity.

Police officers began executing arrest warrants at 4 a.m. as part of Operation Secret Santa. During the investigation, officers purchased cocaine from street-level drug dealers in the Wake Forest area.

By 10 a.m. Friday, the following people were in custody on various drug-related charges:

  • Jovan Lamont Curtis, 687 N. Allen Rd., Wake Forest
  • Delton Davis, 603 E. Perry Ave, Wake Forest
  • Samuel Eugene Jackson, 189 Massey Apts., Wake Forest
  • Justin Montrel Jeffreys, 1049 Shuford Road, Wake Forest
  • Rashida Jeffreys, 4916 N. New Hope Rd., Raleigh
  • Jermaine Johnson, 428 E. Walnut Ave., Wake Forest
  • Amanda Denise Jones, 129 Mill Creek Dr., Youngsville
  • Carolyn Denise Jones, 129 Mill Creek Dr., Youngsville
  • Chamberlyn Jones, 520 E. Juniper St., Wake Forest
  • Donnie Earl Jones, 845 N. Taylor St, Wake Forest
  • Kashina Jones, 512 E. Juniper St., Wake Forest
  • Lisa Michelle Jones, 603 E. Perry Ave., Wake Forest
  • Keysha Kearney, 144 Massey Apts., Wake Forest
  • Roderick McDonald King, 406 Sixth St., Wake Forest
  • Jane Shanette Lucas, 158 Massey Apts., Wake Forest
  • Ivory Quanta Moore, 622 N. Allen Rd., Wake Forest
  • Pascha Ricks, 160 Massey Apts., Wake Forest
  • Quincy Lamont Thompson, 5937 Presentation, Knightdale
  • Casey Dairon Watkins, 427 Sixth St., Wake Forest
  • Devon Omar Watkins, 427 Sixth St., Wake Forest
  • Ella Marie Wilkerson, 10006 Ligon Mill Rd., Wake Forest

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  • enigma1469 Dec 22, 2007

    Seems like Santa is a jerk...

  • something2say Dec 22, 2007

    You gotta start somewhere, maybe this will lead to some bigger bust! One can hope.

  • no taco p Dec 21, 2007

    It's like getting rid of sales clerks, only when you loose this job, you go to jail. After a while it gets hard to hire a new sales team, the risks get to high.

  • Harrison Bergeron Dec 21, 2007

    Ahhhh... yes, it's all the CIA's fault, Narco-Colonialism, right?

    Agents were out in the streets, twisting Kashina's, Jermaine's, and Ivory Quanta's arms to force them to sell drugs against their wills.

  • RideItOut Dec 21, 2007

    Path of drugs:
    CIA>Foreign Cartels>Wholesale Distributors>Street Level Dealers>Users>Police Impound
    Start from beginning and repeat.

  • olive91988 Dec 21, 2007

    Yeah, glad to get them off the streets, but aren't they just small time users? I see several folks with same last names, living at same address....teenaged brothers & sisters? Come on, nab some big time dealers already. This is piddly stuff, why even put this in the news? I'd be ashamed if thats all I could get undercover.

  • claudnc Dec 21, 2007

    They are all street level. If there was a real war on drugs were are the real suppliers on this list. They will have such charges like maintaining a dwelling and other smaller charges. THis will amount to a bunch of probation and fines. If you want to impress someone go after the big dogs!!!

  • Fenrirwulf Dec 21, 2007

    Gives a whole new meaning to "Keeping up with the Jones'"

  • Mr. Iowa Dec 21, 2007

    A lot of Jones' on the list, wonder if they're all related.

  • Halyard Dec 21, 2007

    Ho Ho Ho!!