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DMV: Most Licenses Properly Issued

Posted December 19, 2007

— Nine months after a state audit found thousands of driver's licenses had been issued to people with invalid Social Security numbers, the state Division of Motor Vehicles said fewer than 4,000 licenses need to be checked.

The audit found that, out of the 8.1 million Social Security numbers provided to DMV, almost 27,000 were invalid. The number didn't include the 1.7 million driver’s licenses in the DMV database that don't contain Social Security numbers.

The DMV began requiring Social Security numbers to issue a license last year.

DMV officials analyzed the audit findings over the last eight months, and officials said Wednesday that 3,581 licenses needed additional verification.

“We’ll send holders of the questionable licenses a letter early in 2008, asking them to present their licenses to DMV and to provide proper documentation,” Commissioner of Motor Vehicles William Gore said in a statement. “We’ll then verify their authenticity.”

About 16,000 of the licenses questioned in the audit have either expired or have been suspended, officials said.

Gore said the remaining questionable licenses likely are a combination of data entry errors, cases where names haven't been changed with the Social Security Administration and cases where applicants might have provided false Social Security numbers to obtain driver's licenses.

The DMV’s analysis found 3,437 license holders were deceased and hadn't been reported. Another 700 had names or birth dates that didn't match the records in the Social Security database.

Since August, the agency has used an online verification program that allows employees to check the authenticity of Social Security numbers.


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  • whatelseisnew Dec 19, 2007

    Yes as far as I am concerned our Governor is a criminal in many ways, one of those being the fact he has aided and abetted criminals in past years by having this state be a magnet to illegals because they could too easily get licenses. He should be sharing a cell with Jim Black

  • mindyourown Dec 19, 2007

    NO wonder this country is in the shape it's in!

  • lgboro Dec 19, 2007

    The the family's who have lost members to illegals driving drunk or driving stupid that it is not important that our Governor and our State have allowed countless thousands of non-citizens to endanger our lives. I for one find it very important and nothing less than criminal.

  • coolwill Dec 19, 2007

    The audit found that, out of the 8.1 million Social Security numbers provided to DMV, almost 27,000 were invalid. The number didn't include the 1.7 million driver’s licenses in the DMV database that don't contain Social Security numbers. I say flag them all. If an American forgets to pay a traffic ticket he might find his self driving without a license. If they send a letter give them x days and if they don’t show terminate them. And I also think the State Board of Elections should be the first one to lead the charge and crime control for identity fraud. Protect and serve. There is no way an American could walk into DMV and get a licenses with out a birth certificate and social security card not just the number, they had to see it; but since the illegal aliens have been here they have completely lost there mentality. And they are trying to let them go to college, taxpayer pay 20% of out of state tuition.

  • whatusay Dec 19, 2007

    Set up check points at the Easley/Gore Immigrant North Carolina community colleges, Wal-Mart, and the all you can eat buffets.

  • Travised Dec 19, 2007

    ryoung-- Sorry for the delay.

    Why does it bother me? Number of reasons. If those are issued to illegals for the main reason. A lot of courthouse buildings you need a state ID to get past security (big red flag right there). TSA and airlines. Drivers and if they are not legit potential accidents, do they have the car insured?

    I may be over on the right for politics, but if they went THIS far why not go all the way in chasing the loose ends.

  • my2dobermans Dec 19, 2007

    I have nothing nice to say when it comes to the DMV!!

  • treasure Dec 19, 2007

    Actually, I had what I thought was an unusual experience last month when I got my license renewed. This was at the office on Avent Ferry. Very few people in line. Two of them were not US citizens and said they were students. Neither was able to provide the proper paperwork, and both were denied licenses. The DMV employee that talked with them was a man - very polite but no nonsense. I had virtually no wait. I came away thinking maybe things had changed.

  • denverbob234 Dec 19, 2007

    Maybe I'm wrong but should the number of license' that need to be checked be zero. Why is 4000 an "acceptable" number. Zero needing to be checked is "acceptable", nothing else. If there was a mistake in 4000 DMV pay checks, under paying the employees, would that be "acceptable" to them?

  • hanley29 Dec 19, 2007

    When I got married I went to get my name changed on my license. I waited in line. I went to next available agent. I gave all the name change proof I was told to bring. I was asked if my address had changed. I was asked if I still wanted to be a donor. I was asked if I wanted the same background. I was told to wait to be called for picture to be taken. I waited. They called my name. The wrong name. The name I was there to change. I told the man taking pictures the woman forgot to change the name. I was told to get in line. Next available agent called me (same available agent as before). I told her of her mistake. I was asked for paperwork. I gave it. I was asked if my address had changed...I LOUDLY told her of her mistake and that my address had in fact NOT changed since I was sitting in front of her 30 minutes earlier. Later that same day I walked out with my name changed. If there's a problem, they can come to my house and wait on my porch for me to get home so they can correct.