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Volunteer Committee to Study Franklinton Police Procedures

Posted December 18, 2007
Updated December 19, 2007

— The town of Franklinton is putting police pursuits under a microscope after a deadly chase killed two sisters.

Town Attorney Mitch Styers said Tuesday night a committee was being appointed to study the standard operating procedures of the police department – not specifically the deadly chase and crash.

"They are not going to look at any incident. They are going to look at revising the procedures," Styers said.

On Dec. 1, Franklinton Police Officer Michael Dunlap chased Guy Christopher Ayscue at speeds reaching 90 mph, crossing into Granville County before Ayscue's car slammed into a car on U.S. Highway 15, killing sisters Linsay and Maggie Lunsford. Ayscue was also killed in the fiery crash.

The volunteer committee, which is still being formed, will consist of at least the following six people:

  • Former Chapel Hill Police Chief Gregg Jarvis
  • Retired Raleigh Police Major Dennis Lane
  • A Franklinton commissioner
  • Current Franklinton Police Chief Ray Gilliam
  • Former Franklinton Town Manager Sharon Garner
  • A Franklinton citizen

Styers said he hopes to add someone from the Department of Justice to the committee.

Outgoing Mayor Jenny Edwards said assembling the committee was the right thing to do.

"It is a proactive measure, not that anyone has felt that anything was wrong, but we want to make sure the policies are the best they can be," Edwards said.

A final list of committee names must be delivered to the town board at their January meeting. Styers said he expects the study to be complete in about six months.


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  • neutral observer Dec 19, 2007

    Elantra, where did that come from?

  • 68_polara Dec 19, 2007

    High cost, poor dependability, poor gas mileage, outrageous repair and maintenance costs the only redeemable thing about a beemer is performance but you don't want one that travels over 75 mph so whats the point of owing one? Save some money and get a Volvo the next time. But lets not kid each other until you get that elantra payed off you won't be stepping up to even a Honda huh.

  • neutral observer Dec 19, 2007

    Firstgenchevy, Very well said! Its the idiots driving like maniacs that are the problem. Its all about being responsible. Don't get up late and have to speed to work. Relax and give yourself a little more time. It's better to get to your destination a little late than to wind up hurt badly or dead. I still can't find a reason not to govern all vehicles.

  • firstgenchevy Dec 19, 2007

    Arguing to people about cars and speeding won't get you any where but it will make your fingers hurt.

    And just a clue. The people that are speeding and paying attention to what they are doing are not the problem.

    The people that are going 80mph on I-40 when everyone else is going 75, weaving in and out of traffic without using a turn signal, and not paying ANY attention to what they are doing are the problem. Those are the people you need to be mad at.

    Speed does kill. Speed is ALWAYS a factor in a car wreck. Why? Because if both cars where going 0mph there wouldn't have been a wreck in the first place.

    Back on topic. The guy that was driving the car that hit the 2 girls was going to kill someone at some point. I'm sorry that it had to be those 2 girls, but with the chatch and release program we have in place...there wasn't a whole lot the officer could have done anyway.

    Catch him.. let him go the next day then he would have killed someone else...its lose lose...

  • neutral observer Dec 19, 2007

    It does'nt really matter to me, polara 68, you drive your dodges and toyota's and I'll drive my BMW. I never keep a vehicle over 50K anyway. The thought of being in a crash with a celica scares me. Great engines but poor bodies. What's reliability or gas mileage when you are hurt badly or dead?

  • 68_polara Dec 19, 2007

    I drive it when I need to. My daily commuter is a 92 celica with 200,000 miles, now that's a dependable car. Look at consumer reports and compare the dependability between toyotas and BMW. If you bought a beemer for dependability it'll make you cry. Toyotas are what half the cost and better than twice the dependability? Read and weep.

  • neutral observer Dec 19, 2007

    polara 68, I would bet your dodge 2500 does get great mileage. I had a dodge truck and I pushed it more that I drove it. Every dodge should come with a pair of walking shoes in the glove compartment! LOL

  • nc resident Dec 19, 2007

    I though the comments here was suppose to be relevent. The commitee is unbalanced. Only one citizen. In order to have a real commitee, I suggest a Nascar driver from NC, a 90 year old school teacher that still drives bless her heart, a possum, DOT truck driver, a DWI convicted NC State Highway Patrol officer and a 300 pound school bus driver. Man, that will be interesting...GET HER DONE..

  • rlt197131 Dec 19, 2007

    Iamforjustice, Those statements you made about the roadblocks, and spike strips were just dumb. First of all, Have you even been to Franklinton? There arent a bunch of cops sitting around just waiting to throw out spike strips. Its very hard to predict where a chase will go so you can get into position to throw them out. And do you know for a fact that Granville County deputies and Troopers werent called? I would think that the dispatcher would've done that as soon as the chase kicked off.

    The fact that you are calling other people dumb, and you're making reckless, blanket statements about the incident doesnt say alot about you. You say that you're a cop? I find that hard to believe. Either you're new, or have been sitting behind a desk too long.

  • 68_polara Dec 19, 2007

    It's a classic not a daily driver, there's no way I'd waste money driving it everywhere. I bet my dodge 2500 pickup gets better mileage!