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State Trooper Resigns After DWI Allegation

Posted December 18, 2007

— A state Highway Patrol Trooper has resigned following suspicions that he was driving while impaired while on patrol.

Trooper Christopher S. Grubbs, 34, was pulled over by Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies Friday evening in a construction work zone after a worker reported Grubbs acting strangely in his car.

Deputies did not charge Grubbs but turned the case over to the Highway Patrol. He was place on investigative leave Saturday and resigned Monday, Patrol spokesman Lt. Everett Clendenin said.

The case is still under investigation.

Grubbs, 34, was sworn in as an officer in May 1995 and was stationed in Troy. He is the second trooper this month involved in an alleged DWI.

Steven Ellis Bradley, 38, was charged Dec. 4 with DWI and assault on a law enforcement officer after he crashed his personal vehicle in a pond in Raleigh. An internal investigation is also under way in that case.


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  • ryanandcodysmom Dec 20, 2007

    I have seen that a Highway Patrol supervisor came out about an hour later and did smell alcohol on this Troopers breath, he attempted to do a breath test and this Trooper refused to allow it. The Highway patrol has a NO alcohol policy, so WHY was this man allowed to stay on duty? Because of this supervisors actions it appears no charges will be coming. THIS STUFF IS ONE REASON PEOPLE HAVE SUCH A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT. I now call on the Governor and/or the Highway patrol Authorities to reprimand this Supervisor.

  • reality4sure Dec 20, 2007


    Well said.

  • wbearp Dec 19, 2007

    There is no reason why the Deputy could not have conducted a DWI investigation, and made an arrest if he chose to do so. You can also bet your bottom dollar that if the shoe was on the other foot, the NCSHP wouldn't have hesitated charging a LEO. Many decent and dedicated people work for the SHP, but where are the supervisors? If a guy is having problems at home, with alcohol, drugs etc they should have a plan to get the person some help BEFORE something like this happens. Coworkers should also be supportive and looking for issues. Employees should also be supported if they themselves come forward and ask for help. Until the SHP gets beyond the macho, manly man egos, they will continue to have serious problems.

  • leo-nc Dec 19, 2007

    "a DWI charge is given to anyone with over a %0.0 BAC who drives for the state. so the fact that he has resigned should not preclude him from receiving this charge."

    I'd like you to point out that law for me. I know that patrol policy says that members should not go to work with ANY amount of alcohol on their breath, but there is no general statute that I know of which covers a state employee with a bac of .00 or more.

    So by all means, show me the statute. I've never seen it before.

  • The Dude Dec 19, 2007

    Cops aren't going to arrest other cops that are on duty. The deputies did the correct thing by holding the situation and contacting his SHP supervisors. He has resigned and I'm sure will be charged with the appropriate charges in the future. He probably was required to submit to a blood test. This will look for anything that could have impaired him. Once the results are back, he will be charged. Time is on SHP's side to get it right. They are probably making sure this case has no flaws that you commentors will chalk up to the "good ole boy" system.

  • TheDecider Dec 19, 2007

    So exactly why should we taxpayers and voters chill out? I know what would happen to me as a regular joe if I was spinning my tires in a gridlocked construction zone and smelled of alcohol. I'd likely get roughed up a bit by the cops and fined a huge amount for reckless driving in a construction zone. And I'd expect to be measured for intoxication and charged with whatever the results warranted.

  • Sessy - Italiana Dec 19, 2007


  • TRivers Dec 19, 2007

    So if I get pulled by a trooper and he asks me, "Sir have you been drinking?" I can say "No, Have you?"

  • iamforjustice Dec 19, 2007

    There are just some jobs that you have where you really have to be cautious of what you do....if you are a dentist please have clean teeth, if you are a hairdresser, please fix your hair, if you are a preacher, please don't lie,cheat or steal or fornicate especially with a married woman and get her pregnant in the back of the church, and if you are a state trooper...please don't drink and drive and pull over a drunk!!!! Is that too much to ask for people?

  • applejuice Dec 19, 2007

    a DWI charge is given to anyone with over a %0.0 BAC who drives for the state. so the fact that he has resigned should not preclude him from receiving this charge.