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Water Expert: Don't Plant Anything New Until Next Fall

Posted December 15, 2007

— Saturday night’s rain won’t solve the drought, but every little bit helps. With several inches needed, the impact remains widespread, including businesses which thrive off growing plants and green lawns.

Like other areas in the triangle, Raleigh rainfall amounts are down nearly 10 inches this year. How local leaders respond affects Michael Curtis.

“My job is green grass and plant material,” Curtis said.

His landscaping business should be blooming. Curtis said plantings this time of year require little water and make lawns look beautiful in the spring.

All that is a tough sell next to what local leaders are being told in meetings with water experts.

“No one should be planting anything next spring. I would not plant anything new until fall, and don’t expect to water next year,” said water expert Sydney Miller.

“People freak out when they hear things like that,” Curtis said.

Governor Mike Easley is calling for an emergency meeting of the Drought Management Advisory Council next Thursday to discuss what to do if the drought worsens.


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  • lynddsy Dec 17, 2007

    if i do plant anything, it will be drought tolerant.

  • runny29840 Dec 16, 2007

    I have been catching rain water since this drought started. I've got 3 five gallon buckets set out under the eaves of the house, they are all full now from last nights rain. My shrubs don't seem to mind the lack of water, they just stop growing, but stay green. I only water the flowers and my small tree with the rain water from my buckets.

  • Hammerhead Dec 16, 2007

    I'll plant more drought resistant plants this spring. There are dozens.

  • computer trainer Dec 16, 2007

    common_sense_plz, unfortunately, even people with wells have to conserve. Many of us live in subdivisions and while we each have a well, most of the water is coming from the same place. If one person overuses, it hurts us ALL

  • Gatsby Dec 16, 2007

    JAFOinWF wrote:Is Gov Easley good for anything?
    Yes...He is very concerned about the public outcry over free college educations for every illegal alien. He was on TV talking about how much "Talent" we would be wasting to not to allow them to study. I don't remember him saying anything about the legal families children who grew up here in NC...Got the impression they were not on his list of concerns. Who voted for Easley? How did he get elected off just the hispanic vote?

  • dws Dec 16, 2007

    "I have built an outhouse, we all have to do our part."

    Meeker & Co. should mandate crescent moon home additions (very upscale, of course) for all Raleigh citizens......

  • Panther Dec 16, 2007

    Water Expert? There is really a position in STATE government titled.."WATER EXPERT" ?? Can I have the job of VACATION EXPERT?
    Navy Vet
    Navy Vet sorry to burst your bubble but that position is reserved for elected officials only.

  • WHEEL Dec 16, 2007

    Several useful suggestions for extending Triangle water supplies have been shot down by the US Corps Of Engineers on the grounds that they violate "regulations" or would take years to study and "permit"

    Perhaps the solution is to transfer The Corps down to New Orleans to redesign the flood control systems they did such a good job on to start with.

  • grant Dec 16, 2007

    How much water do the illegal aliens use? Deporting them would be the most effective way of lowering the water usage.

  • common_sense_plz Dec 16, 2007

    I think a little common sense will go along way, not a lot just a little. I mean if we have had no rain and the lakes are drying up and this is where we obtain out drinking water from you would naturally think that a green lush lawn is not essential to sustain ones life. however water is. It is also time to realize that there are plenty of homes on the market now due to foreclosers, which would naturally tell our government officials that no houses need to be built at this time, unless it is on private property with a well, let that property owner run the risk of running that well dry. I guess as long as our local and state officials stay in the pockets of the buildrers, with those builders giving these officials "special favors" so to speak, they will never turn down or stop all the developing