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New Allegations Could Bring Back Old Trouble for Former Teacher

Posted December 13, 2007

— A private investigator said Thursday that a former teacher once charged in a murder-for-hire-plot tried to get him to use counterfeit money to bribe witnesses connected with the case.

Marcia Grimsley first made news in 2004 when Virginia authorities charged that she tried to help her son hire a hit man to kill his wife.

Authorities later dropped all charges against her because she had severe health problems.

Last Wednesday, Clayton police charged Grimsley had printed more than $200,000 in fake currency from her home computer. Federal counterfeit charges are pending.

"It was obvious that it was counterfeit," said Jim Mabry, a private investigator from Kinston, who told police about the counterfeit money when, he said, Grimsley tried to pass it to him.

Mabry said she hired him to investigate her son's case to see if there was any evidence that could exonerate him. At one point, on Nov. 9, he said, she asked him to bribe witnesses, including her son's wife, Amy Ashford.

"She wanted me to take this fake money and go to Virginia and to interview people and try to get them to change their story," Mabry said.

Grimsley's attorney declined to comment.

When Virginia prosecutors agreed to drop the murder-for-hire charges against Grimsley in 2006, the court ordered her not to have any contact with Ashford or her grandchildren, even through someone else.

"And I think she was trying to use me as a conduit to do that, and I told her I couldn't do that," Mabry said.

"I would have been violating it for her, and I would have been arrested as well."

If it is proved that Grimsley violated the protective order, prosecutors said the murder-for-hire charges could be reinstated.

Prosecutors and investigators in Virginia said they are now in contact with authorities in Johnston County and are closely monitoring Grimsley's newest charges.


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  • dlentz2 Dec 14, 2007

    I love my boys but this is beyond anything normal. This lady is sick!!!!!!

  • skidkid269 Dec 14, 2007

    You're right Derrr, saying she's a teacher makes for a better "made for TV movie".

  • CSMs Alter Ego Dec 14, 2007

    "I have to agree with you, dj. What is the relevance of her past teaching career?"

    B/c this is the media, and it makes the story more "sexy."

  • sweetsea Dec 14, 2007

    Being the wife of the late Joe Grimesly, who was Jim Hunt's right hand man, she probably knows where the bodies are buried so to speak and the reason she was not indicted in the murder for hire plot was to avoid possibly opening a can of political worms for Jim Hunt and his army of cronies. There was enough corruption going on back then to sink a lot of ships were it made public, so the decision was made to leave her alone and not indict hoping it would just all disappear and save a lot of political hides.

  • twc Dec 13, 2007

    I realize she is doing everything she can for her son and I can empathize with her! But that cannot justify hiring someone to kill! Why she was not charged with that seems in itself criminal to me! How can you know someone conspired to kill someone and legally take it upon yourself to be the judge and jury? You can't!!

  • playroyzway Dec 13, 2007

    I have to agree with you, dj. What is the relevance of her past teaching career?

  • djofraleigh Dec 13, 2007

    I wish they would quit calling her a former teacher...that's been awhile. She is a FORMER DEMOCRATIC ADVISOR'S wife.