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Raeford Police Chief Fired After Assault

Posted December 13, 2007

— Two days after domestic-related assault charges were dismissed against him, Raeford Police Chief Kevin Locklear was fired from his job.

City Manager Richard Douglas said Locklear had been terminated, but he refused further comment, citing personnel privacy regulations.

Locklear was charged in November with assault on a female, injury to personal property and domestic criminal trespass after an alleged assault on his estranged wife.

Erlina Locklear told investigators that her estranged husband pushed her, causing her head to hit cement twice. He also grabbed her by the shirt and threw her onto the porch, she said.

Charges were dropped Tuesday when Kevin Locklear agreed to complete court-ordered treatment.

Locklear had served as Raeford police chief since January 2004. He was suspended by the City Council after his arrest.

Wagner Baskett, who has served as interim chief during Locklear's suspension, would continue in that role, Douglas said.


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  • skydiver Dec 14, 2007

    He's guilty. He agreed to the court ordered treatment because he knew he was guilty. Now the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association can come demand we put another bad cop back on the street.

  • ToTellTheTruth Dec 14, 2007

    How crazy! Facts being - he CHOSE to abuse his wife and break the law. Then he played her by staging his own attempted suicide to get her to drop charges. Now he sue the town for not giving him his job back and cry discrimination. PLAYNG THE RACE CARD AND BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR HIS ACTIONS - WHAT A PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A MAN THAT IS SUPPOSE TO SERVE AS A ROLE MODEL TO THE COMMUNITY.

  • lizard Dec 14, 2007

    He's innocent til proved guilty. He's not guilty. Reinstate him.

  • redstarlean Dec 14, 2007

    Its getting hard to tell the criminals from the police in N.C.

  • ghgreenville Dec 13, 2007

    Yes, he should have been fired!! Being a police chief, how on earth would he handle his officers when they go on calls for domestic violence. No wife beater should be chief even after the charges have been dropped.

  • doowhatchulike Dec 13, 2007

    catch22 -

    "he was found not guilty (charges dismissed because of a weak case)."

    The domestic-related assault charges against Mr. Locklear were dismissed, which can happen for a wide variety of reasons. A judge or jury did not find him "not guilty." There is a world of difference between a dismissal and a "not guilty" verdict.

    "anyone can be charged with anything."

    A police officer must have probable cause to arrest someone, which at some point requires the officer to put his or her credibility on the line before a judge or magistrate. I think, or at least I hope, this is something that most police officers take seriously. Arresting someone isn't quite as easy and arbitrary as you seem to imply.

  • yeahright2 Dec 13, 2007

    Catch22 - I would tend to agree with you, but then again OJ was found not guilty, but still had his pants sued off of him. I guess not guilty doesn't fully absolve you of liability.

  • catch22 Dec 13, 2007

    not guilty means not guilty. why did he lose his job. a lawsuit is coming. anyone can be charged with anything. he was found not guilty (charges dismissed because of a weak case).

  • Sessy - Italiana Dec 13, 2007

    what a macaroon........

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO Dec 13, 2007

    looks like this guy needs to join Michael Vick