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Father Gets Probation in Hoke Accidental Shooting

Posted December 13, 2007

— The father of a 10-year-old boy who accidentally shot his friend at a Hoke County home last month received probation Wednesday for a misdemeanor gun charge.

Tyler Matthew Marshall, 9, was shot in the head on Nov. 15 while he was playing at his friend's house. Police said the 10-year-old was playing with the gun when it went off.

The parents of the 10-year-old friend, Heath Dwayne Kinney, 35, and Loriann Kinney, 41, had been charged with a misdemeanor offense of selling or giving a weapon to a minor.

Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said charges have been dropped against Loriann Kinney, who said she was not home at the time of the shooting.

Tyler was moved Thursday from WakeMed in Raleigh to a rehabilitation facility in Charlotte.


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  • BUCKEYEnNC Dec 14, 2007

    I own a handgun! When my neices are visiting, I unload, disassemble and put it in a lock box. Kids are curious! They don't look for guns, they look for something to get into! That's just what they do.

    Being a responsible parent and gun owner means keeping guns out of their reach and access!

    Education is paramount! You have to assume that the other parents don't educate their kids about guns! You have to take prudent steps to make sure that an innocent child doesn't get access to your gun and cause such a tragic accident!

    I couldn't live with myself if my neices were hurt or killed due to my neglect!

  • nghtstarz2 Dec 14, 2007

    The gun did not injure this child, an accident did. The gun was there because of fear, which we all have a reason to have if you read or watch TV. It is terrible these children were injured because both are. The little boy who was shot-well, the injury itself is going to really change his life, physically and enotionally. But don't forget the child who shot him-he must be, and will continue to, torturing himself. How can you put a price on either child's innocence? You can't. Hiding a gun is crazy-education is the only option if you are going to have one. My father had guns, we knew what they were for and what they could do. We did not play with them. Probation, for any of them, is doing nothing, either way, to change this problem or help these kids. What I would like to see is the families, working together, educating other people, especially kids! Go to the schools and show them what can happen! Let them see the devastation it has caused. It may save countless lives.

  • nghtstarz2 Dec 14, 2007

    "either way THIS CHILD SHOULD'VE NEVER known where this gun was. This is why I don't allow guns in my home. Kids might find it by accident or try to look for it and then something like this could happen."

  • Chesire Grin Dec 13, 2007

    Even from a young age the fear of guns was instilled in me. There was never a gun in my house, but if there was, I would know not to touch it. I still to this day don't like to touch guns unless necessary, and get antsy if someone around me is handling them. Kids should have the fear put into them, then they wouldn't play with them like toys.

    Oh, and natural selection is at work here. Too bad the kid shot his friend and not himself.

  • GotSig Dec 13, 2007

    Wilow, may your good luck with not needing a firearm to save your life continue forever. It can happen I hear. Dave

  • kota29472 Dec 13, 2007

    Let all the bleeding hearts that stop people from punishing their kids help pay for any lawsuit that might come

  • talkabout Dec 13, 2007

    Education is paramount. The gun worked JUST like it was supposed to. (1) Guns should be LOCKED away when kids are in the house (2) everyone should be educated about guns and gun safety (3) Any parent that allows a loaded gun to get into the hands of a child should be SHOT!!! I keep MINE locked up, so keep YOURS locked up!

  • shoyaryt Dec 13, 2007

    Simply NOT keeping a firearm in your home is not enough... what happens if your child visits another home where they do maintain firearms and curiosity gets the best of the young ones, such as in the case in Hoke County?

    Educate your kids, if not with a firearm, then what to do if the situation comes up at someone else's home.

    As most have stated, my father also kept guns in the house during my youth. We were taught if we touched one, the gun would be the least of our worries.

  • C6-YA Dec 13, 2007

    Here is the web address for Tyler's status:

  • nandud Dec 13, 2007

    I grew up in rural Virginia and knew exactly where Daddy kept the guns--behind his bedroom door in full view of all of us. I never played with real guns, and my almost 80 year old mom keeps a .22 by her front door for protection. It was never a question in our minds to touch those guns. I agree, Harrison, education is the key to a lot of our problems, not hiding things and pretending they are not there.