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Animal Rights Group Settles With Owner of Seized Dogs

Posted December 12, 2007

— A Raleigh woman from whom animal control investigators seized more than 100 dogs has agreed not to own or have custody of any more animals, according to a settlement agreement reached Tuesday.

Wake County Animal Control officers seized 106 dogs, mostly toy poodles, and nine birds from the home of Janie Conyers on Oct. 19, after a woman looking to breed her poodle reported filthy and crowded conditions to authorities.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund sought a court order that would prevent Conyers, 77, from regaining ownership of the dogs.

The matter was scheduled to go to court this week, but the two parties reached the settlement, which also states that Conyers shall allow visits to her home to determine compliance with the settlement's terms.

Because Conyers also ran a dog grooming and breeding business, she can no longer care for animals in any capacity.

An animal cruelty investigator found animal waste accumulated on the surfaces of the animal housing and that the residence was "heavily infested with cockroaches" and rodent feces, as well as strong smells of ammonia and an infestation of bugs, according to a search warrant.

The animals seized have since been returned to their owners, placed in foster care or are still being held at the Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Center.

The settlement now clears the way for those animals to be adopted.

"It's a very good day," said Mike Williams, director of the center. "We're happy that the case is settled and that these animals will all go to good homes and get the medical attention that they need."


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  • Sessy - Italiana Dec 13, 2007

    I am so glad that lady reported this filth.

    Animals cant speak for themselves.

  • Heather Dec 12, 2007

    Number one, I never said they don't take in money. Do you know any non-profit that doesn't? I've volunteered with ALDF and you're only correct to some extent. Yes, vet's do provide free services (but none that I dealt with felt suckered). I helped take in donations for kennels in one case and the money was totally accounted for and only used for its designated purpose. Accounts were set up at a local bank and all funds went to that account. The people able to access the $ were local two volunteers, not ALDF. In the same case the billboards we secured were not through them even though ALDF was listed on the boards. They actually didn't secure the space (that was done by volunteers from another organization). I'm the farthest thing from a bleeding heart - part of why I don't volunteer with animal groups any longer (I think it's abuse for rescues to keep them in cages). However, in the time I volunteered with (not for) ALDF, I saw them in there scooping poo with the rest of us.

  • danno50 Dec 12, 2007

    I know i'm going to hear about this. Ihave two dogs.and two birds, and i love them all very much,but for all you so called animal rights people. Don't forget you are human and if you put as much money into rights,and care,and help for your fellow human being we may not have alot of the problems we have now.The same person who would call the animal protection people about an animal that may have been mistreated, might turn there back on someone who is being mistreated because they "don't want to get envolved".And that old argument of the animal can't protect it self is just that, old. Did you know that the only two animals that have sex for fun is the Dolphin and human,yet you think nothing of "FIXING" little POOKIE because its a pain to keep her inside when she has that NATURAL urge.Good thing you can't swim fast or the Dolphins would be next.

  • Viewer Dec 12, 2007

    I suppose the PETA was not interested in picking up a few dogs that they could treat ethically?

  • ghwhitaker1_old Dec 12, 2007

    Trooper: Heather was wrong; the ALDF takes in money, and plenty of it and they account to no one for where it goes. They sucker lawyers in to providing free legal services; vets in to providing free vet care; numerous gullible people into providing donations of pet care items; and then they plaster the area with billboards seeking monetary donations. They play on people's passion for animals, and seek to impose their views on animals upon the people of North Carolina who actually eat animals.

  • Heather Dec 12, 2007

    Trooper - ALDF does not take in dogs. They offer free legal services in animal related cases. There is typically a group (either a rescue group or other related group) that started the action of removing the animals and contacted ALDF for legal assistance.

  • houdie1031 Dec 12, 2007

    I've seen and met some of these dogs. The puppies are in very good condition thanks to the rescue groups. One momma dog I met was not very used to people and seemed scared. These are some lucky pups. There are some great rescue groups and people who take care of the animals in the area. They can't keep up with all the over-breeding and irresponsibility of others. BE SURE TO SUPPORT THE RESCUE GROUPS FOR ANIMALS (AND PEOPLE).

  • clover1019 Dec 12, 2007

    hooray for the animals...finally they get some justice. now i hope those pups at the shelter find CLEAN loving forever homes.

  • Lesley Dec 12, 2007

    Get a mutt - the best type of dog! She was trying to breed poodles and she obviously failed at that. There is absolutely no excuse to have that many animals in a house - I don't care what age you are. If it gets out of hand, sell or adopt your dogs!

  • Trooper Dec 12, 2007

    Well what will the Legal defense Fund do with these Animals? PETA gathered all the ones they had and after a short time gassed them all, now who are these poor dogs better off with?