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Dolly Parton Statement on Brother's Theater Deal

Posted December 11, 2007

Dec. 11 statement from Dolly Parton, regarding her brother, Randy Parton:


It breaks my heart to see my brother, Randy, being crucified in the press when his intentions from the beginning have been to do the best job he could at what we was asked to do. As a sister, friend and supporter, I need to say a few things on his behalf, as well as my own.

Randy had a very successful show at Dollywood for many years. When he was offered the opportunity to go outside and do his own thing, naturally he jumped at the chance. Almost every performer I know dreams of developing his or her own theatre and developing their own show.

No one can dispute the fact the show he put together for the theatre was top of the line. I know in my heart that Randy gave it his best effort.

Unfortunately, now that things aren't working as well as everyone had hoped, everyone is pointing fingers and naturally no one wants to take the blame. It is not fair making Randy the scapegoat for a project where so much and so many were involved.

I have been involved with a lot of blessed projects but sometimes things are just not meant to be. We will probably never know the whole story, whether it was the feasibility study, the show, the promotion, the marketing, or a combination of all of these things. Anyway, I hate it for Randy and for the entire community. We all had high hopes.

I was there for the ribbon cutting ceremony and met a lot of great people from the area. I hope they will move forward, forgive each other and create something else that will benefit everyone.