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Man Fatally Stabbed, Another Injured Near Bus Stop

Posted December 10, 2007
Updated December 11, 2007

— A man died after being stabbed near a bus stop Monday in Raleigh. A second person was less seriously injured, police said.

The stabbings happened during a fight just before 3 p.m. at the corner of East Millbrook Road and Walenda Drive, witnesses said.

"The guy got mad and got a knife and started cutting and slicing at people,”  a victim’s grandmother said.

The woman, who didn't want to be identified by name, said her grandson, Rahem Still, 21, was stabbed in the heart while trying to break up the argument. He was taken to WakeMed, where he later died.

Witnesses said the fight happened near the Walden Woods Condominiums just as children were getting off a school bus.

Another man, who also asked not to be identified, said he saw the attacker swing what looked like an 8-inch butcher knife.

"He just raised back and stabbed him,” the unidentified witness said.

The witness said Still stumbled as he tried to get away, then collapsed on the ground.

A neighbor with whom WRAL talked Monday night said crime around the Walden Woods Condominiums area has spiraled out of control.

"It is just senseless, these kids. They have no sense of value on life,” Charles Brown said.

The condition of the other victim, who has not been identified, is not yet known.

Because the attack could be gang-related, the hospital was put on lock-down for nearly three hours. That meant people going in and out were searched more closely.

"We have officers and detectives on the scene, piecing together what happened," police spokesman Jim Sughrue said earlier Monday.

Police have not said if they have made any arrests in connection with the stabbings.

In a separate incident, a woman pulled up outside the Walden Woods Condominiums to ask officers a question. While she was gone from her car, she said, someone stole it. A description of the vehicle was not released.


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  • Harrison Bergeron Dec 11, 2007


    Nothing I said was stereotypical, only statistical fact. Actually, you are the only one being stereotypical, and statically, somewhat misleading. In case you may be thinking that whites are more likely to commit white-collar offenses than blacks (fraud, embezzlement, bribery/conflict of interest, and racketeering), I have to inform you that is not the case. Blacks are 4x more likely to commit fraud, 5x for bribery, and 3x for both embezzlement and racketeering (Source:BJS FJSRC)


    No, I do not believe that if parents faced the consequences of their children's actions would there be any difference in their behavior or that of their children. Incarceration recidivism rates prove to me otherwise. Furthermore, wanting to make correct decisions and have the ability to make correct decisions are two completely different things.

  • MtnDewGyrl Dec 11, 2007

    "I don't know about that, I've always felt halfway safe at South Point. I think they've only had one murder, how many has Northgate had?"

    I was told that Southpoint was more dangerous by police officers...I dont care how safe you feel there, the police have had more problems there than at Northgate...Northgate has changed...There are more rich people going there...Northgate is a very old mall where Southpoint is pretty new and theyve already had 2 murders not 1?...That doesnt seem very safe to me...I used to go to Southpoint all the time until I realized that there were gangs hanging out there

  • Why Is My Slim Physique Envied Dec 11, 2007

    Harrison, That May Be True, However, White People Usually Commit White Collar Crimes, Such As Fraud, Embezzlement, And Lets Not Forget Their Bottom Line Mentality of Killing Their Own Mother For the Insurance Money. But Lets Not Be Stereotypical!

  • Nancy Dec 11, 2007

    Harrison, parents who don't parent now don't care because they have little vested interest in where their underage children are and what they're doing.

    If they were to face the consequences along with their errant kids (stiff fines and jail time) don't you believe they would at least be paying closer attention to their kids whereabouts and who they're friends with?

    I do.

  • Why Is My Slim Physique Envied Dec 11, 2007

    These Kids Need Jobs!!!

  • Harrison Bergeron Dec 11, 2007

    Several posters seem to want to blame violence on the parents for improper parenting, as if it were just a matter of choice.

    Could it be that the parents themselves are not equipped to use the parental education, even if it were presented to them? There must be something else, given the fact that statistically, education and poverty levels are NOT the strongest indicators of violent crime in any given area.

  • Harrison Bergeron Dec 11, 2007

    "why is wral screening? White people carry knives and guns, do drugs, and are in gangs too. Sadly, this story will be repeated somewhere nearby within a few days" -jackadoo6

    Crime stories with alleged minority perpetrators are almost always censored here because some posters usually make generalization based comments, which of course, are verboten.

    The posts, I assume, are most likely out of frustration and/or anger at the over-representation of minority perpetrated violent crime, and our unwillingness to confront it.

    According to the USDOJ OJP document, "National Youth Gang Survey Trends", the ethnic demographics of gang participation in the US are:

    47% Hispanic 31% African American 13% white 7% Asian 2% Other

    So, as you can see, gang participation and its resulting violence is mostly not due to "white people", given their significant under-representation.

  • Why Is My Slim Physique Envied Dec 11, 2007

    NE That Is The Same Way I Feel About Insurance Companies and Politicians, Because Everyone Knows They Are A Bunch Of White Collar Thieves!

  • jazzcomic Dec 11, 2007

    Gvmntcheese......Humor is the cornerstone of peace. I do understand that! Also as a Professional stand up Comedienne that happens to work with violent offenders, I also recognize WHEN it is deemed to be appropriate! When someone has lost their life and it is used to put down their ASSUMED position in life......then I hold that there is no peace intended. Someone just wants to be cute....gang violence affects us all in some fashion and the jokes need to end.

  • NE Raleigh Dec 11, 2007

    Why can't we be proactive and just arrest gang members when they're identified and located. It's crime prevention, they're going to commit a crime eventually. Why we put up with this nonsense and let ourselves be bullied is beyond me. Gangs have no reight to exist and should not be protected.