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Woman in Fair Condition Following Attempted Murder-Suicide

Posted December 9, 2007

— Police say four children were in the next room when their father shot their mother before turning the gun on himself Saturday in Wendell.

Jose De La Cruz shot Eolilma Carrascal in the back before killing himself, according to police. Investigators say it happened in the family's home at 403 W. Third St. around 8 p.m.

Carrascal was still in the hospital Sunday night and was upgraded to fair condition.

The couple's four children, ages 10 to 17, were there at the time. The oldest son called 911. Officers say the kids have not said much about what they saw.

“They seem to be holding up pretty well. I saw a couple of the younger kids, and they seem to be doing well. And the older one did not have a lot to say,” said Wendell police Sgt. Bobby Langston.

The children are in the care of family members in the area, police said.


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  • UpwardlyMobile Dec 10, 2007

    if you want to take yourself out, feel free. I hope this woman makes a full recovery so that she can take care of her children.

  • cuteboyd Dec 10, 2007

    Why does their legal status matter? It's hard to imagine hearing what happened and possibly seeing the end result. They are going through lots of emotions right now and need our thoughts and prayers.

  • They call me CATMAN Dec 10, 2007

    I live in Wendell. This story is so sad in many ways. This type of thing can happen anywhere.

  • Dido Dec 10, 2007

    True, the gun didn't protect the family, but the idea of this being one wild impulsive moment may not be the case either. We don't know if there was a history of domestic violence. Over the next few days, as friends and family talk about this tragedy, we will get a better picture of what the home situation was really like.

  • lilwil Dec 10, 2007

    Why do shooters insist on killing others before turning the gun on themselves? There is no need for others to suffer.

    I'm glad the kids were not harmed and I pray that the mother fully recover.

  • mireyes Dec 10, 2007

    Why do you think that having a hispanic last name makes people illegal? That is totally irrelevant to the story. Also, not all hispanic people come from villages. There are really big modern cities in Latin America. So I would suggest you educate yourself a little more before posting irrelevant comments. It is so sad to see such levels of ignorance.
    I hope the woman recuperates and that this incident doesn't leave permanent scar on the children.

  • aquamama Dec 10, 2007

    Domestic violence crosses all walks of life. I am very glad these kids still have their mom.

  • TruthBKnown Dec 10, 2007

    "This is a case where a gun didn't protect the family, but let one wild impulsive moment rule and have the mother shot, then in despair of what he had just done, the father killed himself."

    Sounds like someone making a case for gun control. If they weren't allowed to own a gun, then he would have just stabbed her 50 times with a butcher knife. But they and everybody else would have to worry about the criminals that STILL have illegal guns. Don't try to use this tragedy to promote anti-gun sentiments.

  • Yelena Dec 10, 2007

    djofraleigh, how is thier imigration status, (assuming they are not citizens) related to this story? Why is that relevant in this situation?

    aerochk87, Seeing, or hearing, or both is not importiant. These children will be dealing with this for the rest of thier lives. This man may have onlyshot his wife,and then himself, but there were 6 casualties in this. It's to bad he didn't take himself out to an empty field and just take himself out of the picture. Taking others with you is a selfish and hateful act.

  • Joe Blow Dec 10, 2007

    What a selfish man. To try and kill his wife and tramatize 4 of his children for the rest of their lives. Shameful. That family will be better off without him. My thoughts are with the family today.