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Family of Accused Murderer: 'We Do Not Believe It'

Posted December 7, 2007

— The family of a man accused of killing a young woman before committing suicide is demanding to see the evidence.

Authorities declared Thursday that David Wilson had robbed Michelle Bullard, 23, and her friends, then killed her almost two years ago. Wilson's family is pressing for more answers.

When Diane Myatt saw her brother’s face on television Thursday night, it hurt to hear him called a murderer, she said.

“You’re talking about my brother’s guilt, the guilt put on my brother,” she said.

David Wilson shot himself when deputies stopped him on Jan. 2, 2006.

Early that morning, according to the account that Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter presented Thursday, Wilson had kidnapped Bullard from a mobile home in Broadway and killed her. Carter said the evidence is conclusive, but would not say what links Wilson to the crimes.

“Until there’s proof, we don’t want to believe it. We do not believe it,” Diane Myatt said.

“They’re blaming it on a dead man, and a dead man can’t talk,” said William Wilson, David Wilson’s brother. “And they’re saying he’s guilty when they’ve not proved anything.”

Carter was not sheriff when the kidnapping happened or when Bullard's remains turned up months later in rural Cumberland County. When he took office, investigators re-examined forensic and physical evidence, he said.

On the day of Bullard's disappearance, authorities called David Wilson a person of interest. They said he loosely fit the description of the kidnapper. Wilson's siblings said he and Bullard didn't know each other. They also said his suicide had nothing to do with the case.

“He just had a rough life,” William Wilson said.

David Wilson was deeply depressed, had financial troubles and had threatened suicide before, family members said. However, if the evidence clearly points to David Wilson as the murderer, his family said they will accept it.

“We’d like some closure, too. We’d like some closure,” Diane Wyatt said.

Carter said he sympathizes with the Wilson family. He said he'll be able to release the evidence at some point, but that the district attorney has asked him not to discuss it yet because of the ongoing investigation.


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  • Andromeda Dec 8, 2007

    Is he holding a joint in that picture?

  • mvnull Dec 8, 2007

    "how many shot themselves as the police are pulling them over? guilty is as guilty does."

    But, guilty of what? IF they have any solid evidence, let's see it. Otherwise, it is simply an attempt to get credit for "solving" a crime without actually solving it.

  • superman Dec 8, 2007

    Just what difference does it make. The girl is dead and he is dead-- why is it necessary to keep this going on. Whether there is evidence that he did it or not-- is really a moot point. Nothing is to be gained by showing the evidence or keeping it under wraps. Just let them both rest in peace.

  • 1Moms_View Dec 8, 2007

    JoeyC, yes, he had murdered a man in coldblood, I believe, in Cumberland Co. He served about 20 years for that murder. I found it strange that his family reported him missing after being gone such a short time (not returning from a trip to the store). That made me wonder if he had really called them and said something.

    They knew this man, knew his history, his mental issues, yet they can't conceive that he killed this woman? I doubt anyone falls for that. They already knew he was a coldblooded murderer. I feel for this man's family that survived him because of the nightmare he brought to them. This isn't going away anytime soon. They have to live through it everytime they see it on the news or in the paper. It creates problems for them. Hopefully most people will not hold it against them for what their relative did.

    The brother of this man though, I've always wondered if he didn't know more than he shared with authorities considering his brother reportedly contacted him

  • shine Dec 8, 2007

    Tax payers money saved.

  • ghimmy47 Dec 8, 2007

    The Sheriff has to put up or shut up and I see a lawsuit coming. He has to produce evidence at some point. It is not legal to libel someone living or dead. I see no reason for these statements except to aggrandize himself. He could have told the victim's family and kept quiet until ready to release evidence before an open court on record.

  • JoeyC Dec 8, 2007

    Do we know he's been convicted of a murderer before? I'm not in Raleigh to watch the news, so I don't know what they're saying on TV.

    If he's been convicted of a murder before, that's one thing. But this man has not been put on trial for this murder, assuming that he wasn't ever convicted of murder, we don't have enough information to call him that for certain. We know he did commit suicide, but evidently there were a lot of other factors. People who have never killed other people or committed other crimes have committed suicide (OK, yes, I think of suicide as murder, murdering yourself, but I'm not counting the suicide here at the moment). My grandfather committed suicide and hadn't killed anyone else in his life. (of course suicide does hurt people, especially those who are close to the one committing suicide)

    Anyway, I'm just saying that we need to be careful about jumping to conclusions here.

  • jimmycrackcorn Dec 7, 2007

    Convicted MURDERER spends 20 years behind bars and his sister is saddened to hear him called that??!?!

    Oh our bad...I guess they meant this Murder, not the last one.

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Dec 7, 2007

    Maybe the LEOs have some scant evidence, but are trying to coax somebody to talk to try and corroborate it. Maybe a family member.
    Why else would they not release it?

  • homer s Dec 7, 2007

    but he was such a good boy ...... except for killing someone...