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Raleigh Reviewing Impact Fee, Infill Proposals

Posted December 4, 2007

— City officials will review proposals to double the fees paid by developers on new homes and to limit the size of new homes after the two ideas were presented to the City Council on Tuesday.

Mayor Charles Meeker wants to double the impact fee charged to developers, from $1,200 to about $2,500 per new home, saying Raleigh's fees are lower than those charged in other cities. Such an increase would raise an extra $8 million to $10 million for parks and roads, he said.

City staff will examine the proposal, including whether Raleigh has the legal right to raise impact fees that high, in the coming weeks.

The Raleigh Planning Commission will review proposals to handle infill development. Meeker last month suggested limiting the size of new homes built on lots where previous homes were razed, saying many people have complained that large homes, often called "McMansions," detract from the character of older neighborhoods.

After numerous people complained about Meeker's proposal, city planners devised two alternatives to resolve the issue. One would limit the size of replacement homes or expansions to 125 percent of the size of the older home, while the other would use Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Districts to set building standards in specific neighborhoods.

A resolution to create a city policy governing the use of public financing for private development also was read into the record Tuesday and likely will be discussed by the council in January.

Developer John Kane has asked for $75 million in tax-increment financing to pay for a parking deck at his North Hills mixed-use project off Six Forks Road. Such financing requires the city to borrow money and to repay the loan through with revenue generated from higher tax valuations on the project and nearby properties.

The resolution calls for limiting public financing to developments in blighted areas that might not occur without such support. Also, Wake County would have to provide similar support for such projects.

Kane couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.


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  • Raydianse Dec 5, 2007

    Of course the city of Raleigh doesn't have enough money, so they are going to raise fees for people who are providing jobs creating growth and economy to the area, so they in turn can take the money and buy what better water supplies improve roads? No, that would be too logical. Instead lets waste millions on a civic center, millions on a park to be purchased and then also maintained, good job Meeker! It's a shame no one ran against you, but I guess to you stopping growth and eliminating an economic positive is important to you and seems to be to the rest of the citizens of Raleigh.

  • jenmaris Dec 4, 2007

    Amen RoadGeek. This whole "infill is good" big house is BAD is the craziest, most inconsistant situation I have ever seen. These nuts in and around 5pts have now put this area on the path of decline. The folks who want a big house will have a big house, but not around here. My friend in Coley Forest says people are so pleased with the replacement houses. I wished I lived there in my obsolete house that I planned to tear down someday. Now I am stuck here in a war-zone with my communist neighbors while my property value and dreams go up in smoke. Thanks Meeker, Crowder and Stephenson for aligning yourselves with elitist know-it and want-it alls and destroying my dreams.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 4, 2007

    And Herr Meeker accelerates his race towards building a Socialist Nanny State in Raleigh.

    Everyday Meeker sounds more and more like Chavez in Venezula.

    Meeker is advocating a $2500 tax for anyone who builds a new home. Seeing that the developer isn't going to pay this fee. It's one more additional tax along with others including an increased trash fee and the stormwater fee that Meeker has passed onto the overtaxed citizens of Raleigh.

    Meeker has never met a new fee or tax that he didn't embrace. These additional fees and taxes are in place to cover the cost of the Socialist programs that Meeker is funding out of the general fund.

    The City Manager says that we need to be competitive with other cities in North Carolina by raising our taxes. Personally this is a competition that I would like to lose. It seems that we should be competitive by lowering our taxes instead of raising them.

  • OpinionOnEverything Dec 4, 2007

    "The resolution calls for limiting public financing to developments in blighted areas that might not occur without such support. Also, Wake County would have to provide similar support for such projects"

    Ah, I love it! There's no problem spending millions of taxpayer's money to fix up blighted areas, but heaven forbid anyone should be able to build a bigger, taller house than the crack house next door! Let's just keep those poor homeowner's down by limiting the desire for anyone to buy them out because of the "character" that's so dear to the neighborhood liberals.

  • OpinionOnEverything Dec 4, 2007

    If the Meeker-ites succeed with their infill regulations, they won't be able to count on those rising property valuations! Those with means and wealth will have no reason to buy out the little old lady who can't pay her rising tax bill if they can't put up something bigger than 900 sq ft !