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2 Teens Charged in Racial Slur Vandalism Case

Posted November 30, 2007

— Two Granville County teens were arrested Thursday and charged with spray-painting racial slurs on property of two black families.

Ralph Bowman said a pickup truck and bus parked behind his Wheeler Pond Road house were covered in offensive language and symbols, written with green spray paint. One slogan proclaimed "KKK 4 Life."

Bowman discovered the vandalism last weekend, when he returned home from the Thanksgiving holiday.

Similar graffiti was spray-painted on the garage door of another family. Bowman said the house belongs to the only other black family on his street.

Two stepbrothers, ages 14 and 15, were charged in juvenile petitions with two counts each of ethnic intimidation and one count each of damage to personal property and damage to real property. The teens live in the same subdivision as Bowman, authorities said.

The teens have been detained by juvenile justice authorities and are scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, authorities said.


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  • djofraleigh Dec 1, 2007

    One, when you paint KKK on a vehicle, it is about race.

    If it was a nazi swastika on a jew's house, it would be about religion.

    TWo, when you are talking 14 & 15 yos, you are talking about immature vandalism, still racist. They need the lesson coming to them.

    Three, why not stop selling spray paint to teens, and if they get it from their home, their parents should pay, in adult court, in addition to the child in juvenile court.

    Somehow these people, who are still neighbors, are going to have to live together. I think the boys should have to spend time with the man, or go to church with him, but get to know him and earn his forgiveness via their true apology. That would go a long way in making things RIGHT. They're neighbors!!!

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Nov 30, 2007

    And JoeBlow I love and appreciate every part of this wonderful life I live!

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Nov 30, 2007

    There was nothing stereotypical about my comment. It was specific. My point was that trying to fake the funk is pointless b/c that ONE persons true colors came out. But that was her not all. There is nothing racist about that on my part, it is factual.
    Bottom line both races have some serious re-evaluations to do.

  • bronzegoddess40 Nov 30, 2007

    Thank you claudenc, you summed it all up and it is the truth!

  • weasleyes Nov 30, 2007

    When my son was 12, he and a friend decided to "egg" a neighbor's house. We had not been here long, and didn't know them that well. All of us are white! It doesn't matter! To make a long story short, I told them both that they had better be ready to face the music the next day! I gave mine an old-fashioned "whupping," merciful, no marks, but effective (I doubt that his friend got one.) However, I made them both apologize in person, to the neighbor, and then provided ladders and cleaning stuff for them to clean up what they had done! To my knowledge, they never threw another egg at anything/anyone!

  • DragonLilly123 Nov 30, 2007

    There was no sense of reason in this event of spray painting insulting comments on those vehicles. These teens should pay up for their wrongdoings, by doing community service and chores for the people they did this to (w/o pay) and clean their mess. as far as where they got the idea to do this from idk, it may of been how they were raised, maybe not or school or seeing others do similar things, who knows it could have been anything that triggered this. It does not matter what your skin color/gender/religion is, this should not happen to anyone.

  • Adelinthe Nov 30, 2007

    Hey! This isn't about black and white. It's about punks, regardless of their gender or race.

    Praying for all to find and fully come to understand grace because it is the only thing that will ever bring peace.

    Now put your guns and slur words down.

    Praying for us all.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Nov 30, 2007

    Idiotz! Hope they find some kind of justice that will scare them good.

    Praying for them and their families.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • DragonLilly123 Nov 30, 2007

    Their was no sense of reason in this event of spary painting insulting comments on those vehicles!

  • jackadoo Nov 30, 2007

    Can someone please tell me...what is the big deal that would generate over 100 comments, and all of this news coverage? We are just enabling these punks (and the media)to provide us a forum for confrontations. They are teens...what is our excuse?
    Chill !