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Investigators Go Back to Michelle Young Home

Posted November 29, 2007
Updated November 30, 2007

— Wake County sheriff's investigators executed a new search warrant last week at the vacant home of Michelle Young in the ongoing effort to solve the slain mother's case.

In the search warrant obtained Thursday by WRAL News, investigator R. C. Spivey writes that investigators needed to go back inside the house at 5108 Birchleaf Drive to collect data to assist the State Bureau of Investigation in analyzing evidence collected at the crime scene.

Young's sister, Meredith Fisher, found the 29-year-old pregnant mother in the bedroom of the house on the morning of Nov. 3, 2006, beaten to death.

Crime scene investigators spent more than a week at the residence collecting evidence, but in the warrant, Spivey writes that stains and marks in photographs of numerous red footprints in the bathroom were not analyzed by investigators.

"If these stains and/or marks are of an evidentiary nature, there still exists a possibility that they can be collected and analyzed," the warrant states.

Young lived in the home with her 2-year-old daughter, Cassidy, and husband, Jason Young. Investigators have said he was out of town when his wife's body was discovered.

Jason Young and Cassidy have since moved to western North Carolina to be closer to his family, and the 11-room house has been up for sale since July.

Authorities have not named any suspects in the case, but according to court documents, Jason Young has been a focus of the investigation, partly, because of his lack of cooperation in the case.


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  • FE Nov 30, 2007

    S Crisp & Mr. P: Gosh, I did not realize the world was so terrible, but I respect your opinions.

    Therefore my apologies for apparently being quite wrong on the spousal "lawyering up" issues.

  • Steve Crisp Nov 30, 2007

    If Val were killed, the first thing I would do is surround myself with lawyers. Why? Because there are enough domestic abuse investigators out there who firmly believe that all men are evil and who automatically place the husband as prime suspect even if he was lying in ICU when the murder occured. I can name you three right now who persisted in dogging the husband even after they were found not guilty or had all charges dismissed because it was crystal clear that they were innocent.

    And never forget that there are far too many DAs and police officers who will lie, plant evidence, or beat/extort "witnesses" into submission to get to their version of the truth.

    So yeah, my lawyer gets called first. In fact, should I come home and my wife is clearly dead with no hope of being revived, I'd probably call my lawyer even before I call 911.

  • wcnc Nov 30, 2007

    I love all the LEO armchair quarterbacks who think that because it isn't in a story, the police haven't asked it.....or that because Nifong was incompetant that everyone is.......PATIENCE I think is the key to this one. And don't you know when a spouse is killed, you first rule out the other spouse.....and if you can't for whatever reason, they remain on the list....

  • wcnc Nov 30, 2007

    "They keep saying the husband was out of town when the attack happened but then he is a focus in the investigation."

    I thought that in one story I read (I could be wrong.....) that he was out of town at the time her body was discovered.....which is not the same thing as he was out of town when she died......hmmmmm.....

    I also remember the Eric Miller case and how it seemed to go on forever, but I guess her conscience got to her and we can only be patient here for the murders conscience to get to him (husband????) too.

    Did anyone listen to the phone interview with Young's mother posted on the NC Wanted site??? She's VERY angry.....it was VERY interesting......a LOT of contradictions in that interview....

  • FE Nov 30, 2007

    Mr P: "I guess if anything ever happens bad to anyone I know, you'll have me marked for guilty, because I WILL BE LAWYERING UP, immediately."

    Why in the world would you automatically do so??????????????????

    I have no problem with anyone lawyering up. That is a basic tenet of our justice system.

    However, if my spouse had been brutally murdered in my own home, and I had nothing to do with the crime, my first actions would NOT be to call a lawyer and NOT to cooperate with police in their investigations.

    Does the fact that Mr. Young (referred to by others as "arrogant") has been completely uncooperative prove any guilt? Of course not! However, anyone with any degree of common sense MIGHT seriously question his actions to date.

  • haggis basher Nov 30, 2007

    "I just know that *I* would act much differently in that situation." Imagining and reality are often very diffrent. People reacte to this sort of thing in very unpredictable ways. When my parents were told of the death of my brother they just went on autopilot for days. If they could not go completely to pieces at what has to be the worst news a parent can get then I don't think you can safely judge anyones reaction as meaning anything.

  • rlewis Nov 30, 2007

    Haggis Basher--That's a good point about how it's usually a wise move to not say anything to investigators if you're a suspect (and Jason Young is definitely a suspect).

    The problem I have with his behavior is that I just know that *I* would act much differently in that situation. If my wife was brutally murdered, I would 1) be totally insane and 2) I'd be a constant thorn in the investigators' sides, asking them for daily if not hourly updates.

  • MrPearce Nov 30, 2007


    I am more than a bit stunned about your "lawyering up" accusation.

    I guess if anything ever happens bad to anyone I know, you'll have me marked for guilty, because I WILL BE LAWYERING UP, immediately.

    Policeman are the good guys, most of the time. However, look at Nifong, or the hundreds of cases of bad cops, or lazy cops, attempting to pin something on someone who may not have done it. A lawyer is your modern day weapon against this type of thing.

    One wrong phrase or slip of the tongue, maybe a incomplete thought, and you could be serving time.

    So you run your mouth all you want when they come calling. My lawyer speaks for me.

  • haggis basher Nov 30, 2007

    Posts like most of those here are probably exactly why the husband is saying nothing. you (and apparently the cops) have him guilty without any real evidence. yes he's a rat for having the affair and the FAX bit is weird (but easily checked)but there are lots of other possibilities....perhaps she was having affair and boyfriend was mad at her for having another child with husband, waited till husband and friends had gone....maybe it was just stalker who just knocked on the door.....did she use a chain on the door. maybe it was a rapist who likes beating on women but got cold feet and ran when he heard the child....Finally as regards the "uncooperative" bit, it was my brother who is a cop whos advice was me if I ever got arrested for anything "Say nothing..........get a lawyer and say nothing"
    If the Duke case taught anyone anything its that sometimes the authorities cannot be trusted to fully investigate cases once they think they have their suspect.....

  • JAT Nov 30, 2007

    Just amazing that they wouldn't look at those "red footprints".

    I'm still curious - never gotten an answer to this one. Did anyone really ever find a fax at the house? Who was supposed to have sent it? Even if there's no paper, they can do a history of rec'd faxes. Why is this such a secret if the husband was willing to let the sister see the fax? And why hasn't the husband's parents asked these questions to him?