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Franklin Hospital Proposes 2 Satellite Offices

Posted November 28, 2007

— People in Franklin County are once again at odds over Franklin Regional Medical Center's proposed move from Louisburg to Youngsville.

Franklin Regional's new partnership with Rex Healthcare brings the hospital's proposed move to Youngsville back into the spotlight. The state rejected the hospital's original application to move over the summer.

Hospital administrators said they hope their joint venture with Rex will help their chances to get state approval.

“We have the right site for this new $100 million hospital relocation,” said Franklin Regional CEO Brian Gwyn.

That's where the county is split. Some argue the hospital should stay in the center of the county to be closer to residents in more rural corners.

Hospital administrators said they have a solution to those concerns. In their second certificate of need application, they proposed the creation of two new satellite offices – one in Louisburg and one in the northeast corner of the county.

“I feel like that’s just a Band-Aid. It really hasn’t answered the question, and it doesn’t solve the problem,” said Louisburg Mayor Karl Pernell.

He says the move to Youngsville is simply a money-maker for the hospital.

Others say the hospital can't afford not to move. Right now, 70 percent of people in Louisburg go to hospitals outside of Franklin County. A new facility could change that.

“If we have people that need health care in Franklin County, then they need to be going to a hospital in Franklin County,” said Franklin County Commissioner Lyn Buffaloe.

Hospital officials plan to hold another public hearing on the proposed move sometime in January. They expect it will be about six months before they get an answer from the state.


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  • phoenixelon99 Nov 29, 2007

    Who is confusing Louisburg with Franklinton? They are ten miles apart geographically, and WORLDS apart philosophically. For years, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners has worked to prop up Louisburg while letting whatever happened in Youngsville and Franklinton happen, if it did. Now, growth in Franklin County is coming in droves, and it's coming to Youngsville and Franklinton, and the governance of Louisburg isn't happy because it might take utility customers.

    I don't think anybody is making the confusion between L'burg and F'ton. The east side of the county has Bunn and Pilot, the middle has Louisburg and the west has Franklinton and Youngsville. That's how the county is laid out...there's nothing to be confused about.

  • Darren Nov 29, 2007

    "And I don't think HMA is going to close a facility that is turning as much profit as this one, although I could be wrong."

    Oh, I know they won't really close it. Just wishing I could see a real life version of those great scenes in Atlas Shrugged where the productive business owners destroyed or closed their facilities when the government started heaping new rules and regulations on them. We need a few folks willing to do that in the real world.

  • SimpleGurlNC Nov 29, 2007

    Nothing need to change they already tried to improve with changes and that didn't make a difference to Franklin Co people. So someone please tell me what will make one stop just b/c its new with the same doctors. I agree with "dtech".

  • GHCC Nov 29, 2007

    Well said dtech. And I don't think HMA is going to close a facility that is turning as much profit as this one, although I could be wrong.

  • Darren Nov 29, 2007

    It would be absolutely hilarious (and perfectly justified) if the company that owns Franklin Regional decided to just shut the place down since the government is preventing them from moving their facility. It would teach the state government a lesson, and it would teach the totalitarian pigs on the Louisburg and Franklin County Boards a lesson, too. It still baffles me that we're told we live in a free country, but the government has the power to tell a private business whether (and where) it can move!

  • LaLa-Land Nov 29, 2007

    Actually, I think some folks have confused "trashy" with "poor" - how sad.

  • dtech Nov 29, 2007

    Let's see, they want to get customers that are leaving Franklin county to stay in Franklin county by moving to Youngsville. If people are driving to Raleigh & Durham because of the prices, a shiny new EXPENSIVE building will make them stop in Youngsville? I don't think so.
    If someone is frightened to go to the current hospital, because of past experience for themselves or loved ones. They will stop at a new hospital with the same people providing the same services? I don't think so.

  • iamforjustice Nov 29, 2007

    What they need to do is not build a hospital, leave the one they have alone. It has worked this many years. It is a good hospital. Save that money and build a lite rail system in the Raleigh Metro. That would be the smart thing to do. Spend the money where it is really needed. There are enough hospitals in North Carolina as it is. We have too many!!!! People still getting sick and dying. We need to ease transportation more than fix health problems.

  • Space Mountain Nov 29, 2007

    I think some are confusing Louisburg with Franklinton.


  • GHCC Nov 29, 2007

    People going to Raleigh and Durham for health care has been going on for many years. People also go to Raleigh to do most of their retail business, even if they can get the same thing locally, and have been doing that for years. The hospital claimed to "only' make a $50 million profit last year. Pretty nice sum of money for such a horrible place. Procedures at FRMC cost more than those in Raleigh now. Don't you think a new hospital will increase prices even more? Spend the money here and remodel and expand towards Main St. or Jolly St. Plenty of room in both directions. There are plenty of horror stories about any hospital, but a lot of lives have been saved over the years at this facility.