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Young Skateboarder Hit and Killed by Car Near Goldsboro

Posted November 24, 2007

— The highway patrol is investigating a deadly accident that killed a boy just north of Goldsboro.

Layne Knopick died when a car struck him around 6 p.m. Friday. The 11-year-old boy was a 6th grader at Norwayne Middle School.

“His parents are doing the best they can under these circumstances,” school principal Mario Re said.

The Highway patrol said Knopick and a friend had been riding skateboards along Church of God Road. They were walking back home when Layne's skateboard slid out into the middle of the street. He was struck while trying to retrieve the skateboard.

Layne was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“He even said he wanted to be a professional skateboarder when he grew up,” Re said.

The accident happened in front of Elizabeth Hargraves' home.

“I was shocked. I didn't know what to think," Hargraves said. “My step-dad said he talked to the driver. The driver slammed on the breaks and soon after called 911.”

Family and friends of Layne say he will be missed.

“Some of the kids won't even know until they get here [to school] Monday. Especially it being a holiday weekend,” Re said.

Troopers said they do not plan to file charges against the driver in the accident.


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  • ezLikeSundayMorning Nov 26, 2007

    dlb800, apparently someone forgot to teach you manners and tact. Accidents happen, I'm sure he was taught, as all children are not to chase a ball (or skateboard) into the street; but its an automatic reaction to grab something you drop.

    Parents cannot keep their children completely safe 100% of the time, as much as we want to. It wouldn't be healthy to try. Its idiotic and cruel to try to cast blame on the parents in this case.

  • gordonfan1 Nov 26, 2007


    (It's really no surprise--drivers in this state are some of the worst in the country (when they're sober). Remember, skating is not a crime.
    carrese).....maybe you should go to another state where you THINK there are better drivers. This ACCIDENT had nothing to do with a bad driver or a drunk driver....it was an ACCIDENT and there is a young man that is going to be upset for a very long time because of something he had no control over.

  • gordonfan1 Nov 26, 2007

    I have had such a burden for the driver of the car because it has to be so hard dealing with all of this. Please everyone keep this young man in your prayers!! He has to live with this the rest of his life and although we all know that it was not his fault he will still have regrets for what happened. I am praying for the young man and the family and friends of the little boy as well. As far as carrese....maybe you should go to another state if that is the attitude you have over such a horrible ACCIDENT!! This had nothing to do with a bad driver, drunk or sober driver, this was an accident and I am sure this young man is very upset!!

  • HEYGwenCOG Nov 26, 2007

    This story reminds me of what happened in a small country town, population 500 on Christmas Eve. A 9 year old little boy, who had lost both of his parents and lived with his granddad, crossed the highway on his way to his granddaddy's store and was hit and killed by a motorist. The motorist couldn't help it. The child just darted out in front of him, but I remember how our little community came together for the surviving granddad who grieved so over his grandson.

    It's always such a heartache when our little ones are killed. The impact on the survivors is so tremendous. My thoughts are with the family of this boy.

  • 39 going on 25 Nov 26, 2007

    My daughter is an eight grader at NorWayne. This is just horrible. My thoughts to the family.

  • dlb800 Nov 26, 2007

    Actually, I think the parents should be responsible. Parents
    need to teach their children to be more responsible. What if
    the driver had steered his car into a tree and was killed?

    Parents need to keep a better eye on their children, if they
    can't do that, then they shouldn't be parents.

  • lbnblakesmom Nov 25, 2007

    I live on the road where this accident occured, a half mile away. I can tell you there are skid marks where the young man tried to avoid the accident. He steered his car toward a steep embankment trying everything in his power to avoid this little boy. I don't know what happened, if he thought he'd be in trouble if his skateboard was run over, but I can tell you, that the young man driving will always live with what happened and forever question if there was anything else he could have done to prevent this from happening. These type of incidents are accidents for one reason, no one ever means for them to happen. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved. My daughter attends the same school as the little boy, and I'm sure tomorrow will be a difficult day for everyone involved. Losing a loved one is never easy, but the holiday season does make the loss even harder.

  • GeoSnake Nov 25, 2007

    We ALL need to keep the driver of the car in our prayers as well. This will be with him the rest of his life.

  • teachnow Nov 25, 2007

    This is for carrese, I'm not real sure why you made the comment you did.There is no question that the young man dropped his skateboard,it went into the road and he ran out to get it.The driver of the car tried to stop and was unable to.No one said skateboarding was a crime(and as a 53yr old that skateboarded back in the 60/70's I know this!)I talked with someone from this childs church today and they said that the parents do not blame the driver.Also,where the accident happened is a rural area.Please keep both families in your prayers.It was a 17 yr old that was driving the car.Even tho it was an accident,it is something they will always remember.

  • OSX Nov 25, 2007

    Two weeks ago I had to fix the water heater, had to work last weekend, and today I have to fix my truck. My girlfriend has really helped me see in the scheme of things that I don't have any problems. I feel so bad for everyone and they are all in my thoughts and prayers.