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Predicted Rain to Bring Little Relief From Drought

Posted November 24, 2007

— The possibility of rain over the Triangle this weekend holds out little hope of giving a knock-out punch to the drought, WRAL meteorologists predicted.

The drought intensified and spread across North Carolina last week, according a map released by the U.S. Drought Monitor on Friday. The federal agency placed 56 counties in the exceptional drought category – up from 25 counties the week before.

Gov. Mike Easley asked residents to continue to conserve "aggressively" for the remainder of this year. More than half of North Carolinians were under mandatory water restrictions, including bans on irrigation.

"Very dry air" hung over Raleigh on Saturday morning, but WRAL Meteorologist Mike Moss said a warm front over the Gulf of Mexico and a system over Texas would combine to bring a chance of rain to the region.

"Today, we’ve got a disturbed area over Texas that’s starting to produce some rain showers," Moss said. "That’s not going to march right up toward us, but it will be kind of gradually be building and working together with a warm front across the Gulf of Mexico to give us chance of sprinkles or light rain later tonight and tomorrow."

Eastern North Carolina could see severe thunderstorms from those systems on Monday evening and night.

The rainfall total those systems could produce remains uncertain, but Moss did not expect them to dump much.

"Forecasting … does get to be a hard job here in the next couple of days to try to figure out how much rain we might get," he said.

Moss predicted that at most, the Triangle would pick up a few hundredths of rain from Saturday night through Sunday, followed by 2 to 4 tenths of an inch on Monday.

As of Friday, Raleigh-Durham International Airport had a year-to-date rainfall deficient of 7.99 inches.

"It looks like that'll grow between today and tomorrow, and maybe we'll stave that back off a little bit as we head through tomorrow and Monday with a couple chances of rain," Moss said.

"But, again, (I'm) not sure how much we're going to get out of those. ... (They're) certainly not going to be a drought buster for us."


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  • room Nov 24, 2007

    Droughts come and go, this one will too. This drought is not unusual any more than flooding from a hurricane. The problem is the lake levels and that is a man made problem. We have more people than resources. These headlines will remain as long as we continue to grow without looking at water (and many other services) resources to match growth.
    Wait till the rains come again and watch the flooding. With the growth is a lot more pavement and a lot less trees and grass. No place for the water to go and then the headlines will read: Forecast calls for a few dry days but this will not help the flooding.
    News for sure, but pretty much worthless.

  • AKA PikeMom Nov 24, 2007

    As long as we get MORE rain than we did on the prediction for last Thursday.That was pitiful.

  • knotty Nov 24, 2007


    Read that, you may understand how long it will be before we get any real rain at all.

  • doinbizzness Nov 24, 2007


  • gopanthers Nov 24, 2007

    I'm sorry people don't get mad at me. I just love weather. I missed my calling and although I don't like talking about the drought and it frustrates me, I do love to talk weather.

  • gopanthers Nov 24, 2007

    They have even perdicted rain for tomorrow and Monday. But as time goes on the percentage of rain aspects goes down by the waste side. Just last Wed they were talking widespread rain and now its down to 50% and tomorrow it will be down to something like 30# the only good thing that might be in our favor is the rain/low pressure is coming out of the gulf. No mountains to go over. So lets hope.

  • oldrebel Nov 24, 2007

    It's raining, it's pouring..the old man is snoring...Sigh.

  • Skywatch_NC Nov 24, 2007

    I have to say that it seems that this article could have been written in a more positive direction, rather than "oh gee, it just isn't good enough" right from the start. Quite often, since the masses appear to be controlled by media, it seems that it would be a humane and responsible action on the part of media to put news in a more positive light. For instance..."Some Rain is going to Fall!" A little attempt at good news might have POSITIVE results, rather than depressing ones. So hey...I am really thankful it is going to rain!

    Totally agree!

  • dnguyen68 Nov 24, 2007

    They predicted rain on Thanksgiving but it didn't happen. I always go by "If you want to know the weather, look outsidie"

  • gnew46 Nov 24, 2007

    The Lord will provide in time as He always does.