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N.C. Christmas Tree begins journey to White House

Posted November 23, 2007
Updated November 18, 2008

— A North Carolina Fraser fir will soon grace the Blue Room at the White House. The tree was cut down in Ashe County Friday morning.

The 2,000 pound tree is 20 feet tall, and 13 feet wide. At the base, the trunk measures 18 inches across.

“It's one of the first trees I've planted,” Joe Freeman said.

The tree chosen has been growing on Freeman's Mistletoe Meadows Christmas Tree Farm in Laurel Springs for 19 years – when Ronald Reagan was president. Freeman planted the tree when it was 5 years old.

"I've always said I would never have any regrets about cutting trees, because that's what they're planted for, but this one’s is a little more special,” Freeman said.

Freeman said he was growing this tree to put inside the house he is building, but decided in the spirit of giving to let it go to the White House.

Visitors watching the tree-cutting approved of Freeman’s decision and praised his growing abilities.

“It’s a pretty big honor to have a tree for the White House,” Scott Snyder said.

“As far as Christmas trees go, this is the best I’ve seen,” Brian Wrenn said.

Freeman said that moments like these are why he puts so much time and effort into growing Christmas trees.

“It’s just go as hard as you can, get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, work until 10 or 11, drop, get up and do it again,” he said.

“It’s challenging, at times stressful, but there are a lot of rewards, too.”

Freeman and his wife will travel to Washington, D.C. to deliver the tree personally to First Lady Laura Bush. It is expected to arrive sometime Monday.


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  • Tarheel Army Mom Nov 24, 2007

    FYI: hillary has speny her last night in the White House, years ago...place bet on it?

  • USA Nov 24, 2007

    11 posts and most of them political, on a story about a Christmas Tree...can't you people find good in anything? Are your lives so miserable that the only thing on your minds is American Politics? Please give it a break for the holidays.

  • pbjbeach Nov 24, 2007


    the christmas tree may be the only thing from nc to make it to the white house an that is find by me. but i'll bet that come january 09 that a republican will no longer occupy the white house thank god for small favors. ( can you say hillary) oh i know it will hurt just try an say HILLARY

  • whatelseisnew Nov 24, 2007


    My apologies. You are right this is a story about a Christmas tree.

  • DayumKrazy1 Nov 24, 2007

    this is about a christmas tree from NC not your personal issues with dems/repubs politics all the time geez give it a rest will ya?!?!?!

  • mrtwinturbo Nov 24, 2007

    It would be a lot cheaper if they just bought an Artificial tree and put it up evry year

  • pbjbeach Nov 24, 2007

    i am employed by an nc state agency an i have seen the first hand results of privatization of the workforce under this bush adminstration. an the reasoning behind it is so that the republicans in the state elizbeth dole & r burr are forcing a form of political deregulation down the throats of nc state workers an within the federal departments & agencys that have cut the workforce so deeply that there isn't hardly enough people left doing their jobs that it has severly impacted the service that these agency's are suppose to be rendering to the american people. can you say the border patrol on our southern border can you say two boredr patrol agents setting in prison just for trying to do their jobs. can you say the redection of funding to various an sundry agency in order for the bush adminstration to be able to countinue to fund this illegal war in iraq an to pad an line the pockets of the corrupt contractors over there with no bid contracts, faulty workmanship thanks

  • whatelseisnew Nov 24, 2007


    I hate to burst your bubble, but for those part it is Democrat politicians that want to have the illegals here. The Democrats in the Senate keep pushing bill after bill up there to try to get amnesty for the millions of illegals that are here. I certainly wish President Bush would get his head on straight about securing the border (one reason I did not vote for him), but you really need to understand that for the most part the "oppression of workers" in particular lower-wage workers, predominately comes from Democrat public policies.

  • mayor Nov 24, 2007

    Won another bet with myself - knew a story about a Christmas tree would turn ugly and of all things political and about illegals - what a HOOT!!!!

  • pbjbeach Nov 24, 2007

    ops to do another republican leaves north carolina to go to washington. what is the big deal about one republican giving another republican anti labor president a tree off of his christmas tree farm that he has in all probablity got illegal mexicans doing the work in the first place an paying them $3.00 per hour or less isn't that what most republican in this country want in cheap or free labor an to oppress the american worker thank you