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Property Value Notices Go Out in Wake, Durham Counties

Posted November 21, 2007

— New property tax values arrived in mail boxes Wednesday across Wake and Durham counties and homeowners are already calling about appeals.

Property values in Wake County have risen at about the same rate each reassessment - going up about 43 percent county-wide in 1992 and 2000.

The increase could impact how much owners pay in property taxes. Assessors take the price of homes sold in a neighborhood and plug them into a formula to determine worth.

"The assessment came back, the property had about doubled," said homeowner Jennifer Brown.

The county said homeowners around Brown's Five Points neighborhood can expect at least a 100 percent increase.

"It's a little higher than that. It went from $225,000 to $472,000," homeowner Chuck Norwood said.

Norwood checked his assessment online before notices came in the mail.

"I was not surprised at all," he said.

The county said without all the new construction, the increase would be even higher.

"If there wasn't an inventory of new houses, then that might inflate properties up also," said Ken McArtor, Wake County appraiser.

At the revenue department, people are already calling about appeals. The county estimates about 10 percent of homeowners will appeal assessments.

Nine area counties, including Durham, are updating property tax values.

“I was appalled. I was struck speechless and not many things do that to me," Durham County homeowner Ellen Ciompi said.

Ciompi's house was appraised at $274,000 in 2001. This year, the county bumped up its value to $901,701.

Ciompi said she feels some houses were over-assessed and others undervalued. She also said the revaluations are riddled with inaccuracies.

“Like my neighbor's house down the street is listed as having zero bedrooms. I happen to know he sleeps there,” she said.

“We'd be crazy to think we sent out 106,000 assessments that were all perfect,” said Kenneth Joyner, Durham County tax administrator.

Joyner said his office has gotten 1700 complaints over the last three days.

“We look at sales of properties, cost of construction and the income on income-producing property,” he said.

But, some homeowners like Ciompi, aren't buying it.

“I expect to pay my share of taxes. I don't expect to pay seven people's share of taxes," Ciompi said.

Homeowners who want to appeal need to call their county tax office by Dec. 19.


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  • whatelseisnew Nov 22, 2007


    LOL wish I had a bunker.

  • 3779LRRP Nov 22, 2007

    The "bunker" is listed on the tax books. I call it a "bunker" because it is MY basement. I have everything there I need. The wife doesn't come down to my lair unless she needs to wash clothes. :)

  • unblankenbelievable Nov 22, 2007

    Drunksober, you must have been drunk when you said "Get Hillary in office so she can reverse the George Bush damage". I suggest you sober up and do your homework on Mrs. Clinton.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 22, 2007


    I say good for you. In my particular case my assessment is only 4000 below the current market value. In past revaluations they have been 30 to 40 thousand below. So keep that hushed up; ya don't want the revenuers to find out.

    Agreed we must get out in vote. I have never voted in favor of these bonds in Wake County and never will. I was disappointed when they voters passed that almost 1 billion dollar bond. Had they not, it would have forced the School Board to change their approach instead of simply building more public schools. By getting that bond it took off the immediate pressure to look at other ways to provide classroom space. In 2009 they will be back for more.

  • yeahright2 Nov 22, 2007

    Wow whatusay, you have never been to my house and don't really know what I will get for it. Fortunately I do know, and it is far more than what the county appraised it at. You are right, thier assessment has little to do with true fair market value. It is also nice when they come in well below the actual value though.

  • 68_polara Nov 22, 2007

    I meant hear one person in Durham County complaining

  • 68_polara Nov 22, 2007

    I don't want to here one person in Durham County complaining about high taxes, NOT ONE. Not even a month ago Durham County residents voted by a margin of 7-3 for three more bonds (tax increases). Stop complaining and get out and vote!

  • imtiredofit Nov 22, 2007

    North Carolina is taxing its seniors and retirees out of their homes. This state does not have any tax relief for its older residents such as homestead or retirement/age exemptions. What the people of NC need to do now is pass a proposition 13 type amendment to the state constitution so that we don't tax our citizens out of their homes.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 22, 2007


    If Senator Clinton is elected and worse yet has a majority in both the House and Senate, you can expect a significant increase in your Federal Taxes. The result will be significant economic decline. Despite the media spin, the US Economy has been very strong. There are a lot of things that I do not like about some of the policies President Bush has, but the fact here is we currently do have a strong job market and property values going up is mainly being driven by the large influx of people. To those that say taxes are low here, this is my projection. Whatever bill you get in 2008 multiply that by 6 to 8 times and that is what you will pay in about 8 to10 years maybe less. On top of that the State is growing its budget by leaps and bounds and they are going to continue bringing down the tax hammer. Worse yet at the end, you will still have deteriorating schools, lousy roads and politicians looking for more revenue.

  • DrunkSober Nov 22, 2007

    invite some minorities to live with you...that will send your prop value plumetting....esp black

    Geez, you KKK member;where do you live so that minorities know they cant come live near you?Why doesnt your HOA let the public know this?