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Man Shot in Car Dies; Police Seek Shooter

Posted November 20, 2007
Updated November 21, 2007

— A Durham man died Tuesday morning at Duke University Hospital after being shot on Nov. 16 while sitting in a Honda Accord. Police were still looking for the people responsible for the shooting.

Cody D. Gurley, 21, was in the car with Deshaun Mitchell, 24, and another man when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled up beside them near the intersection of Fayetteville and Ramseur streets, according to police.

An occupant of the Jeep fired at least one shot at the Honda, according to police. The Honda ran off the right side of the road near East Main and Elizabeth streets and struck a power pole.

The Jeep pulled up to the Honda, and several more shots were fired, officials said.

Gurley and Mitchell suffered gunshot wounds. Gurley died on Tuesday while Mitchell remained hospitalized, authorities said.

No charges have been filed. The only suspect description is several males in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Jack Cates at 560-4440, ext. 262 or CrimeStoppers at 683-1200. CrimeStoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.


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  • humbleblaklady Nov 21, 2007

    I did a tour of duty in Vietnam; was wounded twice; spent over 2 months in MEDIVAC Hospitals and yet, I felt safer in Vietnam than I do in Durham. Bill Bell stays in the "Green Zone" in Durham and only come out side to "play" on "National Police Night Out". Durham has the reputation it has "EARNED" and deserve. When you consistently and continuously elect the same NON EFFECTIVE leadership to spout self-serving rhetoric; you will CONTINUE TO GET THE SAME RESULTS. A video producer put out a "gang" video, which was debuted at the Carolina Theater a couple of years back and I could have sworn that Bill Bell attended. I pray that I am wrong because this would "indeed" push him to a new level of hypocrisy and incompetency. Instead of being "elected" to head Durham; he should have been hired by the Durham Chamber or its tourism department. "If you're not involved in crime--you have nothing to worry about", he said in reference to the killing (execution) of 4 dead young men in November 2005.

  • humbleblaklady Nov 21, 2007

    You're right...Durham has NOTHING on Greensboro nor Charlotte (The New Atlanta)
    ---raysson---You're wrong. The primary difference is Durham has been at it since the 1990's. Charlotte also has had a long standing violent crime problem--but Greensboro is a relative "newcomer" as is Raleigh (for its population). And while EVERYBODY but the Mayor of Durham knows there is a decade long problem in Durham (within a day of this shooting/killing two cars engaged in a gun battle within a block of this shooting--while the Mayor, new police chief and city manager were busy at a press conference "assuring" everyone that Durham was "indeed" a very safe city). If you like George Bush, you should LOVE Bill Bell. He truly lives in his own world.

  • dianadarling Nov 20, 2007

    If you go to the offender site screen, you will find rap sheets on both of these guys


  • IMATHOME Nov 20, 2007

    thugs are the result of multiple sibling families, too many children to control, control is lost. misbehavior is tolerated and oft times released to run rampant amoung society. government should take control of the over population.

  • raysson Nov 20, 2007

    You're right...Durham has NOTHING on Greensboro nor Charlotte (The New Atlanta)

  • DrJ Nov 20, 2007

    Gang violence is getting ready to explode everywhere in this state. Durham's just ahead of the curve. I guess when a family member of Easley's, Basnight's, Hackney's, or Cooper's gets shot by one of these creatures, maybe they'll finally get the message. But until then, they're too busy toy shopping with our tax money.

  • SuperNupe Nov 20, 2007

    I agree... Durham has nothing on Fayetteville or Winston-Salem... I know that for sure... I'm surprised Winston-Salem doesn't have a worse reputation then it does...

  • tazmeadowman Nov 20, 2007

    welcome to da hood

  • sunflowerbubbles Nov 20, 2007

    When is the wall going to be put up around this place?

  • Tired Of Excuses Nov 20, 2007

    Trust me, Durham has NOTHING on Greensboro!