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Shots Fired at Car, Injuring 2

Posted November 16, 2007
Updated November 17, 2007

— Durham police were investigating a double shooting that happened Friday evening near the intersection of East Main and Elizabeth streets.

Three men in a Honda Accord were driving near the intersection of Fayetteville and Ramseur streets around 5:20 p.m. when a white Jeep Cherokee pulled up beside them.

An occupant of the Jeep fired at least one shot at the Honda, according to police.

The Honda ran off the right side of the road near East Main and Elizabeth streets and struck a power pole. The Jeep pulled up to the Honda, and several more shots were fired, officials said.

Two occupants of the Honda – the driver and a passenger – suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment.

Durham police initially reported that one of the men died, but later said they were given incorrect information. The man was listed in critical condition, and the second man was being treated for serious injuries.

The names of the victims, who were both in their 20s, were not released.

The Jeep was occupied by several males, but police said they do not have any specific descriptions of the occupants at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division at 560-4440 or CrimeStoppers at 683-1200. CrimeStoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases and callers never have to identify themselves.


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  • Durham-Raleigh Nov 18, 2007

    Nancy -- the crime rate comparability I'm talking about is between Durham and other large N.C. cities, excepting Wake/Raleigh. Raleigh does have lower crime than Durham. I haven't denied that. In that way, Wake is exceptional. However, the exceptionalism also leads Wake folks to make claims that Durham is somehow the crime capital of N.C., which is highly untrue.

    Why did I bring race into it? I am not making this assumption about you, Nancy -- but in general, do I believe much of the dis-ease, the discomfort with Durham among those who don't live here has to do with the fact it's a very racially diverse city? Yes, yes, absolutely yes.

    If one believes that not to be the case, explain the constant hum-drum of references to Detroit/Cleveland/N.O. in the same breath as Durham; the jokes about thugs and "40s" every time there's a Durham story on WRAL; the bigoted references to 'ghettos.'

  • GotSig Nov 18, 2007

    Ban Jeeps!

  • Nancy Nov 17, 2007

    Durham-Raleigh, why did you bring race into the discussion on crime statistics?

  • Nancy Nov 17, 2007

    "No matter how you look at it, the crime rates are at least comparable, friend."

    Tell you what, you tell that to the FBI -
    Stats for Durham County from the FBI:

    And the stats for Wake County from the FBI:

    And do remember, there is a very large population difference to factor in, which your links don't cover (crime per 100,000 population)

    FBI links don't compare that way either, my first links did.

    Durham has a well earned reputation, no exaggerations needed, facts speak for themselves.

  • bluedevl... Nov 17, 2007

    DURHAM.....no way...really?

  • Durham-Raleigh Nov 17, 2007

    And, Nancy, as always, these statistics depend on who's doing the measuring, and by what measures--


    No matter how you look at it, the crime rates are at least comparable, friend.

    The bigger question is: you don't live in Durham. Why do you clearly care so much about what happens in Durham? Those of us who do live here and love it clearly see something you don't. I'm sure if you'd share where you live, there would be some people who wouldn't like your city or town for some reason.

    Which is just how life is. But I don't get the persistent, consistent bashing of Durham. Well, I do "get" it -- in a world in which sociological studies find whites overwhelmingly state that they want to live in racially integrated neighborhoods, but turn around and define 10% as the threshold for too much integration to be comfortable, the idea of a city split black and white is inconceivable for many.

  • US VET Nov 17, 2007

    The reason they built those big brick walls along I-85 through durham is to keep innocent people passing through the area from getting hit by stray bullets!!!!!!

  • Bartmansan Nov 17, 2007

    Get 'em Nancy..... The reason Durham is in such bad shape is because most folks don't get out & Vote. That leaves the few that do vote making the decision on judges, councilmen, mayors & school board. The folks who do vote, and I don't dare break it down to race, choose the idiots that we have representing & running Durham.... so... In a nutshell... Folks of Durham, you blew it again.... another 2 years of Mr. Bell.

  • Phlootang Nov 17, 2007

    As long as I wear my rainbow-head wig, I can ride through Durham without alarming the various gangs. Perhaps if we all wore rainbow-head wigs, Durham would be a safer town.

    Nevertheless, there seems to be a disconnect regarding gangs. There is a faction that is actually suing the Durham school system because they believe singling out gang affiliation is racist. While kicking gang members out of schools and into the streets appears counterproductive, schools should have the authority to identify and address gang membership where some parents have been unable or unwilling. Sometimes the schools know these children much better than the parents.

  • Hammerhead Nov 17, 2007

    Again, Nancy, a very distinct part of the population of Durham is responible for most of the crowd. See the post below by Durham-Raleigh for the stats. I live here, nobody wants to see it cleaned up more than I. I have to go through the "hood" on my way into town, often I ride my bike. I don't feel threatened at all.