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Suspect Named in Bragtown Man's Slaying

Posted November 16, 2007

— The Durham County Sheriff's Office on Friday swore out warrants for the slaying of an 89-year-old man who was found dead in his Bragtown home in September.

Tory Jarel Nelson, of 5121 Stanley Road, was charged with first-degree murder, breaking and entering larceny and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Last week, the sheriff's office released a picture of Nelson and called him a person of interest. On Friday, deputies were actively searching for Nelson and said they believed other arrests were imminent.

Family members of Charles Forest Davis found him dead on the floor of his 2913 Nellowood St. home on Sept. 26. He had been stabbed to death and his home ransacked, investigators said.

Earlier, detectives said they thought Davis' death might have been connected to a series of break-ins in the Bragtown neighborhood. In 10 days surrounding the killing, police investigated at least eight break-ins in the area.

On Sept. 28, investigators searched Nelson's house and seized a pair of jeans, but the search produced no arrests.

A day after Davis's body was found, a deputy spotted his car and gave chase, but the people inside jumped and escaped. According to a search warrant, blood stains on and inside the Buick Century indicated a transfer of evidence from Davis' home to the car and to the occupants of the car.

Davis served as a deacon at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, where he was a member for more than 50 years.

Anyone who knows Nelson's whereabouts should contact the Durham County Sheriff's Office at 919-560-0900.


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  • Nancy Nov 16, 2007

    This is the same person of interest they would not release a name on a couple weeks ago, remember that folks?

    They had already searched this guys house, knew who it was and wouldn't produce a name to go with the photo.

    Wonder why they are now? Stupid way to find someone when the police don't give known information as soon as possible. Putting his picture out two weeks ago without a name was dumb.

  • dougalu Nov 16, 2007

    I thought Durham was the City of Medicine not Murder!

  • whatusay Nov 16, 2007

    I know that Tory Nelson's parents are proud of him.

  • jimbo141 Nov 16, 2007

    once again, just like most of the other crime stories, another thug preying on an innocent victim. if we had a decent capital punioshment system, crime would drop, but nooooo, the stupid thugs might actually suffer being killed!!!!

  • 2alegal Nov 16, 2007

    What is today's society coming to? Why are these young men/boys damaging their lives? Where are their parents? The Rocky Mount case, those boys were 16, 17 and 18??? Stop the drugs and bring back capital punishment. Prayers for this man's family. May they find peace knowing this guy will have his day in Court and before my Lord.

  • headlong Nov 16, 2007

    My Thoughts and Prayers still with this Family!!! I wish they would get some closer...such a sad story. The man looks like a man you would adopt as a Grandpa and he would just love it!!!

  • rlewis Nov 16, 2007

    It is stories like this that make me wish the NC medical board and the state would quick BS'ing around and resume executions.

    I've got no pity for anyone who would commit a crime like this.

  • bomanicous Nov 16, 2007

    What a complete POS coward. To target an 89 year old person could only be because he was an easy victim. I'm sure this scumbag will spend the rest of his life in prison eventually and that's what bothers me, that's all that going to happen to him. The victim deserved better...

  • jlynwin Nov 16, 2007

    tragic,senseless act I hope they catch this scum so.

  • djofraleigh Nov 16, 2007

    Mr. Davis deserved a better last day, a better end than this. May God have him by his hand and his body and spirit be whole again in Heaven. I'd hate to believe anything different.