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Noose Prompts Call for NCSU Hate Crimes Policy

Posted November 15, 2007

— Students leaders at North Carolina State University on Wednesday called for a university policy on hate crimes.

The Racism and Hatred Incident Act, which was unanimously approved by the school's student government, came less than a week after a small noose made of toilet paper was found hanging in a campus building.

Campus police found the 10-inch-long noose in a restroom stall in the Sullivan Shops Building on Nov. 8. The building, off Sullivan Drive, is part of the university's motor pool and is accessible only by employees with keys.

The case is under investigation by campus police. The perpetrator could face criminal charges in addition to university discipline.

Student leaders denounced the act of fashioning the noose and leaving it in the restroom as racist and said university administrators should send a stronger message condemning such acts.

In addition to calling for a hate crimes policy at N.C. State, the resolution called for administrators to find better ways to discourage racism on campus and to respond to such incidents. It also called for an independent investigation of the noose incident and criminal prosecution of the perpetrator.


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  • Officer Friendly Nov 16, 2007

    I guess I should get rid of the noose I made of noodles, old goat hair, and my wife's tonail clippings. It didn't do what the voodoo priest told me it would do, anyway.

  • NCTeacher4327 Nov 16, 2007

    The only punishment the person who made this noose should receive is being scolded for taking so long in the bathroom! Apparently, they were bored. I can make a chicken out of a towel...does that mean I can get arrested?

  • richard2 Nov 16, 2007

    This whole story needs flushing!

  • KevInApex Nov 15, 2007

    The fact that so much is being made of this non-event is evidence of how few and far between real racist incidents are happening. Groups and individuals who make their living off dealing with racism are obviously having to grasp at straws to justify their existence.

    While this silly prank is being propped up, somewhere a NCSU student chuckles to himself at making headlines from fiddling with toilet paper while doing his business.

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Nov 15, 2007

    "wow, don't i feel like an idiot. I meant noose, not Neuse. LOL."


  • Blessyourheart Nov 15, 2007

    wow, don't i feel like an idiot. I meant noose, not Neuse. LOL.

  • farmerjohn Nov 15, 2007

    Since when has the noose become a symbol of racism in this country? I bet more whites have been hung thru history than blacks!

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Nov 15, 2007

    C'mon. The Neuse is only offensive if it floods. The smell is REALLY offensive.

  • Iquana Nov 15, 2007

    It is sooo offensive you will start hearing in on the best selling rap cds shortly.

  • moreupset Nov 15, 2007

    I agree