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City Council Wants to Negotiate New Randy Parton Theatre Contract

Posted November 14, 2007
Updated November 15, 2007

— The Roanoke Rapids City Council went into closed session for almost two hours Wednesday night to talk about the future of the Randy Parton Theatre.

The city borrowed $21.5 million to build the 1,500-seat complex, which Parton manages.

The current contract calls for Parton to be paid $1.5 million a year to perform at the theater. His salary is based on revenue from ticket sales and merchandise.

The city manager said there are nights when attendance doesn't reach the break-even point.

Roanoke Rapids Mayor Drewery Beale announced after the session that the city is in negotiations for a revised contract with Parton.

“The negotiations are ongoing and when the negotiations are complete and a revised contract has been signed, the details of the revised contract will become public record,” Beale said.

Jim Garrett, a long-time critic of the city's contract with Parton, said a new management team should be hired to run the theater.

“Randy keeps everything a secret. He marks every bit proprietary information,” Garrett said. “The money that financed the theater is public money, and we have a right to know how the theater is operating.”

WRAL tried to talk with Parton about the theater, but was told he was not available.


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  • Jokers Wild II Nov 16, 2007

    *yawn* I think this discussion was made LOUD and CLEAR before the contract was ever signed.. Sounds like to me The City NOW realizes they got the Shaft.. Randy Pardon is NOT worth 1.5 million a year, PLUS housing and transportation while he is in NC.. Heck for 1.5 Million a year you could get your own car, or so you would think! Oh well, Good luck to Roanoke Rapids on this one! as they are seeing now, not everything that shines is gold! That get rich quick scheme turned out to be a bust it seems,lol. Oh well, atleast they did one thing, which was to give Roanoke Rapids some Media Attention.. I wonder what they will use the theater for once it closes?

  • shine Nov 16, 2007

    It will be interesting to see what is going on in the next 90 - 180 days...........

  • farmerjohn Nov 15, 2007

    I'll bet Randy is singing "I got the gold mine, they got the shaft"!

  • Pineview Style Nov 15, 2007

    The Bud Dry Band....Now those cats were on fi-ya!

  • Get_Serious Nov 15, 2007

    Or Not

    Your search - +"Bud Dry Band" +"randy parton" - did not match any documents.

    Has Randy invited you out for a reunion at his theater yet? Sounds like he's got time slots to fill.

  • The Rock Nov 15, 2007

    The Rock says Randy Parton is a legend, and you're all crazy for thinking otherwise. I had some hits back in the early 80's myself around the time Randy was doing his thing, we got together for some collaboration work and it was magical. Be sure to do a search for Randy Parton featuring the Bud Dry Band if you want to hear what good music sounds like. Chances are you've never heard any beforehand.

  • Mmaker52 Nov 15, 2007

    From my understanding from family in the area...RP is the only "allowed" to perform in the theater. Who wants concerts outside this time of year??? Always said something stinks about this from the start

  • davidgnews Nov 15, 2007

    This has been a losing proposition from the beginning. If they had real gambling in the state besides the lottery, it could have been a great casino that actually served drinks.

    What's Randy's claim to fame other than writing one hit record? I know others that have done that much, and they're still painting houses ha ha.

  • fredssmithisnotmysenator Nov 15, 2007

    I have some ocean front property in Arizona that i would be interestd in selling the city council. Who is their right mind would pay Randy Parton 1.5 mil to manage and perform at this establishment? Maybe they could construct a gondola that would transport folks from Roanoke to Pigeon Forge...go from the Randy Parton theatre to Dollywood then back again.

  • hdvoodooqueen Nov 15, 2007

    What they need is a music management company...set up a regular show changing through the year( like Alabama theatre, Selma, etc.), have designated dates that other performers (pop, gospel, etc.) would be featured, and recruit these up and coming NEW stars ( Jason Michael Carroll, Luke Bryan, etc...they all play the Longbranch) to play special concerts....the concept of this thing CAN work...it just needs to be done better.