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Friends Say Shooting Suspect Was Defending Daughter

Posted November 13, 2007

Friends of a Zebulon man accused of killing his daughter's boyfriend said he was defending his daughter, but a relative of the victim is calling it a "cold and calculated killing."

Wake County authorities said Warren Clifford, 45, shot Antony Devon Judd, 19, of Wilson on his front lawn in Zebulon Saturday evening as family members watched.

Those who know him describe Clifford as a kind man who is not prone to violence. They said he was upset that Judd got his teenage daughter, Camille, pregnant. The two have a 2-month-old son.

"There wasn't a fight, nothing going on," said Adrian Champion, Judd's aunt. "It was just so quick."

Champion said she drove Judd to Clifford's home Saturday evening to get his house keys and that Clifford came out of the house with a gun.

"He just turned and shot my nephew. No words was said – just turned and shot him," Champion said. "I just started running, because I thought, maybe, he was going to go on a rampage."

Champion gave investigators the same account of the shooting. She said she had no idea there were any problems between the two men.

Clifford's family would not comment on the charges. When WRAL went to his home seeking comment, someone on the property chased reporter Amanda Lamb and photographer Chad Flowers with a broom handle and attacked their car.

Meanwhile, Clifford made his first appearance in court Tuesday, where he was denied bond and said he will try to hire his own attorney. His next court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 3.


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  • LILAMIR Nov 15, 2007

    please everyone get it together, SHE'S NOT PREGNANT!!!!

  • hollylama Nov 14, 2007

    Maybe he should have been more of a FATHER to her. After one child you'd think he would have made more of an effort to curb her behavior...but in this day n' age that probably just made her more rebellious.

  • hollylama Nov 14, 2007

    "They said he was upset that Judd got his teenage daughter, Camille, pregnant."

    Maybe he should have played the father role and taught his daughter about the dangers of unprotected sex. As a father, he knows how some boys are...he was probably the same way and its was their second child...! Sorry no sympathy...be proactive not reactive!

  • brassy Nov 14, 2007

    "Doesn't it take 2 to tangle?"

    ncmom65 - It's TANGO, sweetie. What are you teaching your kids?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 14, 2007

    I am sorry this young man has lost his life un-nessarily. What gets me is that parents will let their sons and daughters go wherever they want with no kind of discipline. A curfew with a set time to return home should be in all homes for teenagers and under. But the minute daughter get pregnant or son is in trouble with the law (on the way to prison) then only then do you hear said parent's mouth. The daughter was just as responsible as the young man in not getting pregnant. My goodness she already has one. How is she supporting this child? Our taxes, I will guaranteed you. Where is her mother in all of this? What about birth-control pills? This show the family should have sit down and talk to his daughter and their son in how they are going to handle the situation. They didn't. Now there will be two children without a father's support in any manner. Just pray continually for both these families especially the child and the baby once its born.

  • penny for your thoughts Nov 14, 2007

    Oh yea, it was definately the guy's fault for getting her pregnant - we all know the girl had nothing to do with it! Right! Where was her dad when he should have been teaching her about values and safe sex, etc.? Or why wasn't he shooting at the girl who obviously participated in "the act" willingly?

  • djofraleigh Nov 14, 2007

    WRAL still hasn't changed the prejudical title.

    Why not eye witness says killing unprovoked without a word?

    Defending his daughter...after years of intercourse and on her second baby??? Defending her from what?

  • PaperReader Nov 14, 2007

    This is a terrible situation for both families.

    But I'm astonished at those of you who think that there's even a ten percent chance that the teenage father would have been an active participant in the raising of the child(ren). The great likelihood is that those kids were destined to be on the social services roll no matter what.

    Maybe the old father was so frustrated because he had high hopes that HIS daughter would not fall into that cycle of welfare dependency.

  • whatusay Nov 14, 2007

    NCmom65...sorry but if the daughter has to live with her parents because she nor the babies father have means to support the baby...then, that makes this the parents problem also. Not right for grandparents forced into raising children all their lives. The children made the decision to have sex but the parents have to live with their decision..forever and forever.

  • tracya3904 Nov 14, 2007

    Wow, sad that shes pregnant again and sad that the young man is dead.