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Duke Lacrosse DNA Tester Removed From Post

Posted November 12, 2007

— The head of a private laboratory where DNA evidence in the Duke lacrosse case was tested no longer works there.

The move comes less than a month after the former defendants filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Dr. Brian Meehan, former District Attorney Mike Nifong and several others involved in the investigation.

Civil attorneys allege they were part of a "DNA conspiracy" and purposely withheld potentially exculpatory evidence that could have been used to clear their clients of the criminal charges against them.

Neither Meehan nor his attorney would talk Monday about why he was replaced.

DNA became the focus of the yearlong investigation against David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Selgimann, and, ultimately, helped clear them of the charges they faced. Making misrepresentations about DNA evidence in court also sent Nifong to jail for criminal contempt.

Meehan helped found the Burlington lab, DNA Security Inc., in 1998 and served as its director. He was the one who tested the 46 DNA samples from the 2006 Duke University men's lacrosse team and found no matches to DNA collected from the exotic dancer who claimed she was raped, sexually assaulted and kidnapped at the March 14, 2006, lacrosse team party.

He did, however, find male DNA on evidence collected from the accuser, Crystal Mangum, and her belongings that did not match any of the lacrosse players.

During a North Carolina State Bar disciplinary committee hearing into allegations of unprofessional conduct against Nifong, Meehan testified the district attorney never told him to hide the evidence but never told him to highlight it either.

"Why I didn't do it, it was poor judgment on my partm at the time when I drafted that report," Meehan testified in June.

In court, Nifong said Meehan was eager to be part of the case.

Meehan, as well as the other defendants, have about a month left to respond to the lawsuit. A lawyer representing DNA Security said the company plans to file a motion to dismiss the complaint.


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  • yeahright2 Nov 13, 2007

    The scary thing is that the lax players hired crystal. EWWWW! One in three crackheads is more apealing.

  • BUCKEYEnNC Nov 13, 2007

    Nancy has made a great point. I personally could care less what happens to Nifong, Durham PD and this guy from the DNA lab. They all got free exposure hoping to make good headlines at the expense of three innocent college students.

    Magnum has three kids that OUR tax dollars are going to raise (I know this sounds terrible) and probably incarcerate. These kids already have the odds against them. No dad among the three of them, a mom that is seriously damaged goods, and no real support system to speak of (if there is such a system why is Magnum, stripping and doing private shows?).

    Another question I have is who would pay to see or be with Magnum?!?!

    Just remember, this lawsuit will cost the taxpayers more than anyone else!

  • richard2 Nov 13, 2007

    He had a moral responsibility to report all the facts. Now he gets to explain why he didn't.

  • shine Nov 13, 2007

    Duke University has hurt itself with this publicity....... I use to go by the campus or Duke Forest and turn my head. So sick of hearing this stuff....

  • naturalborncitizen Nov 13, 2007

    Here' a link to the story about the other so called "victim" twana Brawley. I remeber this story and I used to live in the town it "happened" in


  • naturalborncitizen Nov 12, 2007

    And to think Crystal mangum thought she would be able to make a living as a hooker looking like the scummy slime she looks like. She should try getting hit by a truck and improve that "face" really, it looks like a dogs but. (I owe my dog an apology for insulting her but like that) Actually my dogs but looks better.

  • Nancy Nov 12, 2007

    MountainDew - you ARE young if you never heard of Tawana Brawley :)

    Classic case, and the Duke case had many parallels to that one.

    As to Crusty ever being charged, fugettaboutit, won't happen. She's a waste of time and a lowly misdemeanor won't add anything to her criminal record worth noting. She's a has been before 30 years of age.

    What bothers me is why the state doesn't take away her kids?? She is drug addicted, suffering severe psychosis (genetic? drug induced?) and yet she has three kids to raise alone.

  • naturalborncitizen Nov 12, 2007

    MountainDew, Please take the picture of that nasty disgusting whoorish (sorry about the speling, it had to be done this way) little tramp off your sign in, please I feel like vomiting everytime I see that disgusting piece of nastyness. Please please she is a low form of scum growing on the belly of slimey pond scum

  • chivegas Nov 12, 2007

    I guess we could say the DNA guy has been "Mike Nifonged"! I will point out again that I think Nifong (as a UNC grad both under and Law) should have been tried under the hate crime statute since the accused were DUKE players...

    "What ever happened to the new black panthers. They made all those threats against the players. Now their nowhere to be found. jackson and sharpton have clammed up about it too. I wonder why?"

    That's because Magnum is the new "Tawana Brawley" (google it). You think Jackson and Sharpton give two $h!#$ about racial injustice...quit kidding yourself. They're all about the $.

  • FE Nov 12, 2007

    FWIW, the picture beside "MountainDew" is none other than that so-called victim in the Duke lacrosse case, Ms. Crystal G. Mangum.

    She provided, at the time, PLENTY of job security to the folks at that Burlington DNA lab.....