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Another Wreck Occurs on Accident-Prone Curve

Posted November 12, 2007

— A dangerous curve in Cary was the site of an early Monday morning accident. The spot has been the site of several accidents in recent years.

The accident happened at around 2 a.m. on Dillard Drive near Tryon Road. Authorities said Julie McAleer was driving on Dillard Drive when she lost control of her sport utility vehicle on a curve and went over a berm. The vehicle then hit a fence and crashed into a tree in Drew Edwards' yard.

"There weren't any squeal marks like brake marks. This time, I don't know if she hit the tree higher,  but the windows shook in the house," Drew said.

Crews took McAleer to the hospital for a head injury.

Authorities said Edwards' yard has been the site of three accidents this year and several others over the past 10 years.

Edwards and his wife, Melanie, have had to use their rescue squad training to help wreck victims.

"(An accident victim) said, 'Gosh, I'm so glad you guys are here. Where did you come from?'  And I would inform him, 'Well, you're in my yard'," Melanie said in a 2003 interview.

Mark and Melanie Edwards had asked for something to be done to protect their yard and quadruplets. In April 2004, the state Department of Transportation added yellow warning signs and built the burm.

Mark Edwards said one of the warning signs was knocked down from an accident earlier in the year, but it was never replaced. DOT officials said they plan to replace the sign by the end of the week.

DOT officials also said they plan to do some work on the road as part of a widening project in the area. They said they may have to move the burm and some of the trees on the property.


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  • whatrutalkinabout Nov 14, 2007

    To all of you IMPLANTS that don't like the way we NATIVES drive in North Carolina...GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Obviously you think you are so superior to North Carolinians, go back to your sophisticated state and use your turn signals to your heart's content! :) It isn't like we will miss you!

  • mommy2caroline Nov 13, 2007

    I have a young child and I would be afraid to live in such an accident/wreck-prone area. I have not driven on that road but I would think if you are not familar with it you would obviously slow down and if you WERE familar with the road then you would slow down. OMG-common sense. I apologize...

  • FE Nov 13, 2007

    (groan) ...make that "to be made" - (More morning coffee needed)


  • FE Nov 13, 2007

    About that curve in the road - I'm actually quite surprised some enterprising lawyer (my lips are sealed, but WHY does "Breck" suddenly come to mind?) does not file a lawsuit against the tree!! There probably is also a conspiracy case to me made somewhere.

  • richard2 Nov 13, 2007

    Its the curves fault! Its the curves fault!

  • carrese Nov 13, 2007

    Bravo spiderwriter! I've seen plenty (at least once a week) of NC drivers have their left-hand turn signal on and make a right-handed lane change or turn, or vice-versa. The corner in question is indeed tight, but well marked and it is preceded by a school zone! You shouldn't be speeding anyway, even if it isn't school hours.

  • spiderwriter Nov 13, 2007

    "After viewing the video I think the driver is from Virginia. If anyone has driven in Virginia or been around these drivers I think they they will agree that it must be pretty easy to get a license. I have seen some of the worst driving from our neighbors to the north."

    Nice try, Daingean. I'll grant that we neighbors to the north, especially those of us from D.C., have a propensity for speeding, but at least we use our turn signals! I think I see more people around here NOT signaling than signaling; on a given commute to or from work every day, I'd say at least -- at LEAST -- 50% of North Carolinian drivers fail to signal. They also fail to merge before a lane runs out, they fail to check their blind spots, they fail to realize their low-rider pick-ups aren't Lamborghinis, and they fail to realize that you should never pass on the right if you can help it (and if you're on my left, you should be going FASTER than me, and not EXACTLY THE SAME SPEED).

    Boo, hiss.

  • Nancy Nov 13, 2007

    "I still envision such continuing behavior as an accident waiting to happen, no matter how "safe" the buses theoretically are by driving at (perhaps) the minimum legal speed."

    FE - I agree completely, matters not the those buses are supposed to run their 4-ways while on roads that allow speeds higher than 45. We used to have to take our buses over to the bus lot for work off Rock Quarry Rd, just the short stretch on 40/440 is nerve wracking without any kids on it.

    Considering that people run into the back of school buses on straight roads with at least half a mile clear vision...highways are asking for a catastrophic crash involving a loaded school bus. Sadly, with the way Wake County requires routes that draw kids from other than local areas contingent to schools they serve, buses travel some long routes.

  • fletchermse Nov 12, 2007

    I drive that road every day on the way home from work. "Lost control"? More like "going excessively fast for that turn".

  • C_Felix Nov 12, 2007

    With respect to the buses going slow on the 'highways', 'freeways', whatever.

    I've been on one of those buses doing 45 or so, I felt so unsafe with the cars zipping past the bus. I felt the bus going so slow was even more of a hazard.