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Holly Springs Cracking Down on Crosswalk Violators

Posted November 11, 2007
Updated November 12, 2007

— Last week, three children were hit or killed crossing the road. Police in Holly Springs said they want to make sure that doesn’t happen in their town.

Starting Sunday, police were not only looking for the usual traffic offenses, but they were also targeting crosswalks.

During weekdays, police direct the traffic outside Holly Ridge Middle School. Officers said they can't be at every crossing, and when they're not, there can be problems.

“The law is, you have to yield to the pedestrian if they’re in the crosswalk area,” said Holly Springs Police Chief John Herring.

That's not always happening. In some cases, even with two kids in the crosswalk, drivers keep going.

“That happens daily,” said seventh-grader Sheridan Keeler.

There have been some close calls.

“My heart was pounding kind of hard,” Sheridan said. “They kept going, and I was about 5 feet from the car.”

Holly Springs police said they have taken notice. They're launching a new effort to crackdown on the crosswalks all over town.

“We’ll station officers strategically where these crossings are,” Herring said. “[We’ll] monitor that and, if need be, we’ll take enforcement action for violators.”

“It probably bothers me more than just about anything else when a kid calls or says, ‘Mayor, I almost got hit yesterday. What are you going to do about it?’” Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears said.

Officers said they are prepared to arrest people if the situation warrants it. But in drivers' defense, police said new crosswalks in new developments are catching some off-guard.


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  • IzzMad2016 Nov 12, 2007

    Crosswalks don't seem to mean much, if anything, to a lot of drivers these days. I always thought that when a driver sees a pedestrian about to enter a crosswalk that the driver should slow down and yield to the pedestrian. From what I've experienced and observed, being a pedestrian in these parts is always risky, often dangerous, and sometimes deadly. Courteous and cautious driving is something we could all probably do more of.

  • smcallah Nov 12, 2007

    "So why don't they just add signals at these crosswalks and be done with it? Much cheaper than crossing guards. "

    I'm not sure how you figure that signals at crosswalks are cheaper than crossing guards.

    Putting up poles and running electricity where it does not exist, and buying the lights that go on the poles is not cheap at all.

    Paying a part-time crossing guard is a lot cheaper, even over 10 years or more, and they don't even do that much.

    Not to mention, stop lights at these crosswalks will stop cars for longer than they have to now.

    If the drivers were paying attention in the first place, and see kids attempting to cross, they can slow down, and stop for the kids, and continue on without a red light telling them how long they must be stopped.

    It's a 25MPH zone to begin with. If you drive 40-45mph like you always do in 35mph zones, and don't drop to 25mph, then you have no time to stop if children start crossing in front of you. And you should be going to jail.

  • RyeBread Nov 12, 2007


  • RRsaidso Nov 12, 2007

    Just get out of the road!
    If the light is green dont walk.

  • 68_polara Nov 12, 2007

    So why don't they just add signals at these crosswalks and be done with it? Much cheaper than crossing guards. Pedestrians can be difficult to see at night and early dawn but no one could have difficulty seeing a traffic light. Also if no one is there to push the button it doesn't impede traffic flow either.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 12, 2007

    The parents are probably the drivers that are almost hitting the kids.

  • daMoFo Nov 12, 2007

    Hey dholder, how about some parents volunteering to be crossing guards? If those schools are anything like my school, the principal has enough to do keeping the school running. I'm sure parents wouldn't mind taking one day a month to work the crossing. After all, it would be "for the children".

  • mgratk Nov 12, 2007

    Why doesn't Wake county have crossing guards near the schools? It seems much more expensive to have police officers crossing the kids, and I know the Holly Springs police have a lot of work to do with catching the thieves and druggies who seem to be an ever-increasing menace in the town.

  • WFrules Nov 12, 2007

    Thanks for your time Get_Serious.

  • Nancy Nov 12, 2007

    "The signs are used to proudly promote the new 35 mph zones that have been reduced from 45 mph"

    LOL - boy isn't that the truth! All of Sunset Lake Rd from Holly Springs Rd all the way to Bass Lake Rd is now 35 mph - well, duh!

    Talk about mess up traffic flow!